Fixing iPad iPhone mirroring with Quicktime

If you ever tried mirroring your iPad/iPhone with Quicktime on your iMac or Apple laptop, then you may have run into issues! I have! I am sharing a few hints that have helped me overcome the mirroring issues with Quicktime mirroring.

I wanted to thank this thread that I found (after a huge amount of digging on the net) that has helped me, i.e. resetting your settings on iPad or iPhone. I talk about this in the video.

Hope this video will help to solve at least some people’s problem of mirroring.

For seeing how to mirror your iPad/iPhone wirelessly onto your Mac see video here:

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  1. Hi! I also had this issue but since you suggested resetting settings, I dug around to find the actual setting that was causing this issue. I went to system preferences on the MacBook, clicked on ‘sharing’. Then you just tick the box ‘Screen sharing’ and it should appear straight after. Thanks so much for the insight! I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for video! Same issue here, fallowing your idea: 1st – reset ONLY "Location and privacy" settings then 2nd – restart the device (turn off/on)! This worked for me!

  3. thanks for this, but my problem is that when I use my phone as a camera, QuickTime records the screen, not as a camera, so it shows the red button and all the controls that are on the screen. It will mirror the screen, not recognize the iPhone as a camera. do you know how to fix this? thanks

  4. Saw you vid and read on some other site and combined the two. So the iOS reset that worked for me was resetting only the "Location & Privacy" in iOS (Settings/General/Reset)– didn't need to reset 'all settings.'

  5. My iPad doesn't show up under Cameras in QuickTime, as you briefly noted. Is that a problem with USB connection, or is it a software issue. I already tried the reset, and that didn't help. I'm using the Lightning Cable that came with my iPad, which works fine for charging and syncing my iPad on my Macbook. Thank you so much!

  6. Brilliant man! The reset worked perfectly. I'm glad there are more critical thinkers like you out there who don't just stop when first greeted by a hurdle but keep exploring. Well done.

  7. Thank you!! So helpful. I actually had to turn my iphone all the way off and MacPro and then it worked!

  8. Thanks a lot. I really needed this to work for an online course and didn't know what else to try. I did the reset thing, restarted the iPhone just in case and now QuickTime shows the screen again 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to do this. The reset didn't work for me. I used Reflector4 to mirror the iPad which worked perfectly on the video side, but I run my sound through a Rodecaster pro and the R4 won't let you choose a separate audio source like QuickTime does. Any other ideas or hacks?

  10. Thanks. I have problems with my macPro QuickTime connecting to my iphone sometimes. However I only want audio from my iPhone to be shared in my laptop zoom and not the whole screen. Any workarounds other than QuickTime (where I can just share audio from phone )?

  11. Turning off your device and turning it back on worked for me. I was a little nervous that I had to reset my iPhone. So try that before anything! I hope this helps!!

  12. Another workaround is to turn off the power of the iPad and then turn it on again. This worked in my case.

  13. Thanks buddy, i take live classes on my channel with iPad and your video saved me! 😊✌️

  14. Hello Bartek, Thanks for your precious information. I found your video could help me provide online class for my students during this Non-Contact era of the COVID-19. By the way, I just wondered how you put your small circular camera screen in the lower right corner. I'm using Macbook and iPad too. Many thanks, Jae


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