Sega Rally on M2 Emulator

Here is the original Sega Rally Championship rom running on the M2 Emulator. initially I had no luck running this until my mate Wayne found the emulator, all the roms and most importantly the configurator that sorts out rom paths plus a bunch of other things on which ive linked to down below I suggest you use the torrent so youre not downloading 35 seperate files.

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  1. Hey, any chance you can send me the settings for the Xbox One Controller, I can’t seem to apply the “Brake” to a button for some reason, and my accelerator is stuck on? 🤪 help

  2. I have been playing with this emulator for a while now and also with this game in particular. One thing I notice and I've tried several different ROMs is that my AI opponents always jump away or towards me when I get within two car lengths of them. Watching your footage proves that it ain't the ROM. I have no idea how to stop it doing it and it's such a shame being as I gotten the visuals looking spot on through messing with the cfg file and Nvidia control panel 🥴

  3. Looks like your are playing with digital controls here, analog control makes the World of difference. I can kind of get it setup with my x box one pad with analogue steering, although it always pulls to the right a bit, brake and accelerate I could not get to function analogue properly so I left them as digital for the time being. You seam to be a techie guy, do you or anyone out there have advice on how to get it working properly? I wish there was better controller setup here. Also a v sync for the emulator would be great, when I force v sync with my graphics card it chops of some background layers on stage 1. Any help would be much appreciated, it's probably my favorite Arcade game of all time, many thanks.

  4. Hi were you using a wheel or control pad when you made this video? I followed your link you left and downloaded a config file. What settings did you use to adjust your sensitivity for Sega Rally? I already have the Model II emulator set up and have the roms but I've always had allot of problems with the really lose control of the racers with this emulator. Can you post what settings you applied to the config file? I'd like to copy whatever settings you used when making this video. Thanks.

  5. I have setup the model 2 emulator up on my PC. Sega Rally is definitely my favourite game. The emulator supports wheels. It runs great with my Logitech Driving Force GT wheel. Also play Virtua Fighter 2 which is great with my Soul Caliber Mad Katz fight stick.

  6. Sega Rally is My fave game of all time. I bought a Saturn just to play Sega Rally. Best pick up and play racing game ever.


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