Why I Bought the Pixel 6 Instead of the Pixel 6 Pro!

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have finally launched and there is definitely one clear winner! Join us as we talk about display, battery, cameras, and new features that take these phones to another level!

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Prodigious Pricing!!!
1:38 – Superb Specs!
3:09 – Cool Cameras!!!
4:30 – Fantastic Features!
5:59 – Closing Remarks
6:25 – Outro

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  1. The Pro model just isn't worth the extra money. A slightly better camera and .3 inches of screen isn't close to +$500 extra.

  2. Does the added gb memory you can have make any difference to the phone or just simply give you more memory ?

  3. I also bought the regular 6 as I didn't feel I needed the telephoto, extra ram and larger (and curved) screen. I would have loved the extra battery but the regular one is still pretty good. My only gripe is that the stormy black is not really black, is more like a dark grey with a lighter shade of grey on the top.

  4. I was so impressed with the Pixel 6 that I ordered it and switching from my iPhone 12. It's amazing how much Google was able to improve the Pixels with simply making their own chipset. Between that improving the build quality I do believe Pixels will be the android version of iPhone. Except way more customization.

  5. Do you have any clue if they're gonna release the Kinda Coral with 256GB? I want one, but couldn't decide between the color I prefer or more space in black. I'm also wondering if I should wait for a Black Friday deak, maybe if they offer free airbuds again.

  6. thanks – you always wonder what you're missing out on when opting not to spend the extra.. for me personally, the extras weren't worth the price tag so happy with the 6 (though yet to switch it on – looking fwd to checking out the new camera features)!

  7. I was thinking a lot which one should I go for, but I've also ordered the regular Pixel 6 eventually because it just makes more sense for me personally. I prefer the flat, slightly smaller display, and can put up with the 90hz instead if 120hz. According to several reviews the battery is also either even better or the same as the Pro. I also don't need the zoom camera because I use a DSLR for photography anyway. Finally, one big plus are the colour options, I just love Sorta Seafoam. And all this for 649€ instead of 899€ for the Pro, which makes it an awesome deal IMO.

  8. Thanks for your recent Google Store order ######## We’re sorry that you won't get your order by the original estimated delivery date. We’re working to ship your order soon, and you’ll get a confirmation email once it ships.

    Boo Google. Boo

  9. Great commentary on the new Pixel 6. Your videos are top-notch, can't wait to watch your channel grow. Keep it up!

  10. Waiting for my 6. It should be here November 4th. My husband went with the Pro and it arrived yesterday

  11. I have the 5a. Pre-ordered the 6 with the intent of selling the 5A plus the free earbuds on eBay and basically breaking even for the newer phone. Sound good idea or should I keep the 5A?
    Great video! Just subscribed!

  12. the price is finally normalized a bit, let's not get comfortable with 1k+USD phones it is just absurd.

  13. Talking about the "unfair" bose deal. You forgot to mention that the base Pixel is about 650€ in Europe, which is about 750$.


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