Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk!

A first look at Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, plus let’s talk Tensor!

Android 12 Top 5 Features!

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  1. so expecting some games will be optimized for Mali now. Hope Qualcomm Adreno will come up with something vs Dimensity 9000 GPU, I heard it has Ray Tracing capability.

  2. thanks, subscribed.. ! I got the pro and am well chuffed with it so far, it's not too big as I had been afraid of coming from iPhone se 2020, and it's lovely and light too. I just made the mistake of not researching beforehand how to export WhatsApp chats from iPhone, so I missed my window of opportunity to do so immediately out of the box. I tried factory resetting but phone said "no" 😀

  3. Battery : Minimum 4524 mAh

    Typical 4614 mAh5

    Fast charging6 – up to 50% charge in about 30 minutes6 – with Google 30W USB-C® Charger with USB-PD 3.0 (PPS) sold separately


    Fast wireless charging7

    Battery Share: Charge other devices wirelessly8

  4. How I wish to have any of the 6 series of the Pixel phones, it broke my heart when I heard the price here in our country (Philippines) 🙁 If ever I am gonna get one that would be the best Christmas gift I have ever received in my entire life. I am huge fan of Google Products but sadly aside that I can't afford any of their products is we do have physical store here in Asia 🙁 I am hoping Marques Brownlee notice me though 🙁

  5. If the tensor chip is equal or even slightly better than qualcomms chip in its first year its a huge W.

  6. I might have to say goodbye to Oneplus 9pro over rated ! Buggy, I'm going with the pixel,looking forward to the Tensor chip!!!

  7. Was a Nexus user till it's end, now with the Pixel line it's great, love the Vanilla Android experience, was using the PlusOne as it was the closest thing to Vanilla besides the Pixel, thought OnePlus was just a little better than the Pixel phones overall, with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and the Price going up on the OnePlus I think I'm ready to get back on Google's bandwagon. Maybe like Apple with the M1 chip, the Tensor chip can power Chromebooks and maybe in the near future can upgrade ChromeOS to the point of being able to challange Windows, maybe something lilke Apple and their Mac's and OS.

  8. I’ve had hands on the pixel 6 pro for about 20 minutes in a controlled environment. Ie no photos etc. but I could whizz through the os, load apps watch YouTube etc. I can say that it’s the most smooth os experience I’ve ever had on any phone ever! From the spec I know it’ll not be the most powerful phone on paper or benchmarks. But it’s more than enough that I know. iPhone is a prime example of raw power that is utterly unnecessary! Absolutely not needed. I’d say 60 percent plus of iPhones raw power is not harnessed or even needed. Software just doesn’t need that sort of brute force to work well! So what tensor is bringing is a way more sensible and grown up approach to how we use our phones. It’ll get smarter as it’s used. If you want to game it has a 20 core Gpu which will be more than adequate. But things like machine learning and AI are much more useful. Well done Google, you are bringing us what we want! And what is useful and sensible and useable!

  9. pixel: we have tensor chip
    phone user: longer phone usage? can browse faster? can store more data? better call quality?
    pixel: no, it has better and smarter spy inside your phone

  10. Good to see there's a nice lower-tier phone for people who can't afford iPhones, that doesn't catch fire like a Samsung.

  11. putting AI in a hardware chip? sounds like Theranos marketing mumbo jumbo bull*. why do you need AI in a phone?

  12. The only way a google phone to succeed is to create an ecosystem google phone, watch, buds, item finder and goggle chrome etc…

  13. Can a reviewer under embargo be impartial and honest? What is Google hiding by corrupting all these youtubers. If you thing your product is better, Then why impose embargo?

  14. Google has gotten better because the work they do for China helping that country with their tracking of people violating human rights all because of their social credit score.

  15. My moto g stylus 2021 has 48 megapixels and a stylus WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  16. I always love all your videos but there’s a lot of strange speculation in this one. I see the potential of tensor, but there’s a great chance it’s just to break away from Qualcom, who’s moving at a snails pace and has a grip on so many technologies

  17. Have to wait until they restock 😫😭😭😭😭😀, have been wanting a Google phone and it looks like this is it, just waiting for the real reviews and the hype to cool down to see the truth!!!!

  18. I'm glad they are done with the shitdragon chips. These greedy fucks don't release the schematics for the companies to provide more than 2 years of android support. And they've been doing this since the sd801 era. I hope they burn


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