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211129-46860-1.jpg.webp(Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

As Huawei has been sanctioned by the United States in recent years, it can no longer obtain the latest chips, leading to a deadlock in mobile phone products, and the Chinese market share has also fallen avalanche. Instead, it is not other Chinese brands, but Apple’s iPhone.

In recent years, China’s little pink has been calling on the Internet to support domestic production for the sake of patriotism. Even when the iPhone 13 went on sale, a man went to the Chinese Apple store and shouted “support domestic production and support Huawei” to the crowds lining up to buy the iPhone. From the data point of view, the iPhone 13 seems to have more appetite for consumers than the shaky Huawei.

According to the latest report of Counterpoint Research, the latest report on the market share of mobile phones in the Chinese market in October this year, Apple carried the momentum of the iPhone 13 released in September, and jumped from the original third place to 22%. Becoming the number one in the market is to dominate again after December 2015.

211129-46860-2.png.webpChanges in the market share of China’s top four brands. (Picture/Review counterpointresearch)

It can be seen from the chart that after Huawei reached its highest point in March 2020, it fell sharply. About the end of 2020, its market share was officially surpassed by the two major brands Oppo and vivo. However, Apple went all the way to the release of the iPhone 13 before it went again. At present, Huawei has only 8% left, as for Oppo 20%, and vivo 18%.

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