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As it enters the second half of the year, the mobile phone market has undergone changes due to the entry of the Apple iPhone 13 into the battle. According to the latest report of the research institute TrendForce, it is predicted that in the fourth quarter, Samsung’s original market leadership position may be replaced by Apple.

The report pointed out that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung was still the mobile phone brand with the highest proportion of shipments, reaching 21.2%, with a single-season number of 69 million units and a single-quarter growth of 17.9%. The driving force came from the increasingly stable Vietnam supply chain. Apple carried the iPhone 13 on sale, which increased by 22.6% in one breath to 51.5 million units, and jumped to the second place with 15.9% of the market share.

The following 3-5 are Oppo (15.7%), Xiaomi (13.7%), and Vivo (10.5%). TrendForce believes that the target markets and products of these three Chinese brands are highly similar.

Entering the peak consumption season at the end of the year, TrendForce is optimistic about Apple reaching the top in one fell swoop, predicting that the market share of shipments in the fourth quarter will increase to 23.2%, surpassing Samsung’s 19.4%, becoming the leading mobile phone brand in the season, as well as the subsequent 3-5 picks. It will remain.

TrendForce said that it will revise the forecasted annual output of mobile phones from 1.345 billion to 1.335 billion. This mainly reflects the shortage of stocks. Looking ahead, the important observation point for the mobile phone industry is the continuous tension. Will the epidemic reduce consumption motivation?

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