Battlefield 2042 Beta Gameplay – Ryzen 9 5900X – GTX 1080Ti – 1080p

#BF2042 #Battlefield2042 #BF2042Beta
Low Settings
Ryzen 9 5900X
AORUS GTX 1080Ti Xtreme Edition

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  1. I think this is pathetic , a very good cpu with gpu and only 110fps , i hope the final version of the game is more optimized

  2. Rocking a 1700x and 1080 ti frame rate is under 60 even on low settings. Cpu is a big bottleneck.

  3. Same settings, I get 75 FPS with my GTX 1060 and an i7-7900k.
    This video made me cancel my GTX 1080 Ti order.
    Only 50 FPS more?? I was expecting a gain of atleast +120 FPS from the GTX 1080 Ti.

  4. Yeah for sure time for me to upgrade. My CPU is fine on anything that requires 4 cores. After that it's lights out for this 4790k. 1080Ti and i barely get 50 FPS.

  5. Have you been getting any stutters at all on this currently running a 5600x with 3080 and was deciding whether I need to upgrade CPU for This game as been getting stutters on ultra 1440p quite bad at times

  6. Thank you for the upload. Nice to see it perform on a 1080 ti. Looks like I'll get similar performance on my 3900x with a possible 5-10 slower fps due to the inefficiencies on the CPU cache. I have a Zotac 1080 ti AMP Black Extreme edition.

    I didn't pre-order after buying into BF1 (which I totally hated) and I didn't bother with BF5 as WW1 and WW2 for some reason don't appeal to me.

    Looking forward to the open beta here in the UK from the 9th to 10th Oct!

    Thanks again. Subbed.


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