Pixel 6 + 6 Pro Review: 7 Weeks later!

A meeting 5 years ago, changed everything for the Pixel. But did it change enough?
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  1. I know it been forever!! Thank you so much for your patience with me! My #1 goal for 2022 is going to be to post more consistently and frequently

    Much love and can’t wait to end this year with several more fun videos!

  2. Been a fan for a few years now. You are maturing into a great reviewer and your editing is top notch. Keep it up.

  3. I have the Pixel 6 and I love it. I replaced a Oneplus 6T, and I paid for this Pixel, what the 6T cost me three years ago. That's amazing considering the Pixel has a lot better performance, camera and features not available in 2018. My issue when I first got it was the notorious fingerprint sensor, which is resolved due to the update, and finding the right screen protector, which making it a non-issue now. Battery life is great for me. I use it often and have almost 50% left at the end of the day, and that includes playing games frequently. I see it as a flagship performance phone on a mid-range price range. How can one ever complain about that?

  4. Great video! So far I have been loving my pixel 6 pro! Amazing battery and performance. With the update that was pushed last month I think it has improved the fingerprint scanner for me. Do you plan on making an update on this video once that December update comes to these phones next week? I saw that there is a lot of bug fixes.

  5. Nice video, but in Lithuania, pixel 6 costs about 800 euros and pixel 6 pro costs over 1000 euros, so they are not affordable😁👍

  6. Awesome job Jacklyn! You keep stepping up your game with each new video! Thanks for all that you do and keeping us all informed on the new tech!! See ya! 👋

  7. I just bought the pixel 6 pro couple days ago I'm really enjoying it I'm in Canada so unfortunately it was way more expensive like 1200 bucks lol but so far it was worth it the text to speech is amazing and the hold for me feature pretty cool I read a article years ago that Google will run the world everything will be made from Google with how smart this phone is I believe it

  8. So does the Pixel 6 support LDAC over Bluetooth? Since I'm planning on getting the Sony XM4 which does not support aptx HD, I wanted to ensure the Pixel 6 supports LDAC.

  9. Dang last time I checked and sub was many years ago, now you have grown so much, you are super confident and your content is even better. Keep it up! Also great review, it's good to know that the fingerprint sensor is bad lol, you think it could be improved in the future (same with the camera) with updates on the software?? 👀 👀

  10. Wow that video was 8:55 but they way you told the story you keep me entertained the entire time!!! 10/10!!! Oh yea the P6 is pretty cool too! 😉

  11. They bought some cheaper parts to get the price more affordable because I have the 6 pro and tensor isn't on par with even the 888 in my experience and connectivity is not very good compared to others, the phone also can get a wee warmer than usual in some scenarios but not a deal breaker for me.

  12. Great video! Production value and content were great. I can see you're definitely putting in the effort in the editing. Well done. 👍

  13. Excellent review that hit a bunch of points quickly. Top notch.

    I'm interested in getting the Pixel 6 at the end of the month. I was interested in the 1440p, but it's hard for me to justify that. I'm very interested in trying out the camera. To take all my website product photos I use an old DSLR, so I feel like this could speed up my workflow a ton.

    The last phone directly from Google I bought was a Nexus 4 (!), so I'm excited.

  14. Another fantastic video. Also was pleasantly surprised by the Pixel’s camera, it actually looks… not bad! Great job, can’t wait to see what other videos you have in the pipeline!!

  15. Anyone hear anything about the pixel 7 yet?

    As an iphone user I was really thinking about permanently switching to pixel 6. The hype was real but now I feel disappointed.

    While trying out the phone I realized it was missing key features such as a face unlock, facetime, longer term OS support, good video modes and a notch. Even worse is the fact that my wife left me after she saw the green bubbles.

    Now I'm realizing that my apple watch series 7 and airpods 3 don't even work properly with this phone. Google what are you doing??
    You guys had the chance to hit it big with this phone. You could've shown courage and removed the lightning port from the phone, or even increased the price to 1499 but now Apple is gonna beat you to the punch.

    This phone really feels like an "s" series phone. Nothing revolutionary. Google should take some more cues from Apple. The iphone 12 to iphone 13? That was incredibly game changing, I almost pissed myself from excitement when Apple showed off the cinematic mode. I was crying while they showed off ceramic shield, knowing that I could finally break the android display models at best buy without breaking my own phone. I achieved orgasm when I realized the colors on the iPhone 13 screen weren't due to the LSD I took before the event started.

    Sitting alone in my home (the kids left with my wife) I realize that Apple really won this time. Google next time you can do better than this.

  16. As someone who prefers Android vs iOS, the thing that Apple gets right, is battery standby time. For me, that's the biggest thing about a battery in a phone. I'd love to see Android get to that point.

  17. Isn't the Tensor chip just a Exynos in a different package, Also Google wont deliver longer software support which is rubbish and a wasted effort "developing" Tensor.
    Will never rival Apple with their long software support.


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