Workaround to Fix Stuck Missed Call Notifications on Android 12 Beta 3

The Android 12 Beta 3 update has been out for a bit and a number of people have noticed a widespread bug that prevents the missed call notifications from being swiped away and dismissed.

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Android 12 isn’t out yet but many people have been using the beta release for weeks now. Google just recently pushed out a new beta update, Android 12 Beta 3, and with that came new features and changes that weren’t in the previous builds.

Sadly, this has also introduced some new bugs and one in particular is annoying lots of people.

If you receive a phone call but do not answer it, then you’ll get a missed call notification. Nothing special or out of the ordinary there.

However, since this latest update some people have been unable to swipe away that missed call notification. It’s simply stuck and cannot be dismissed due to this bug.

As annoying as it is, thankfully there’s a couple of workarounds that can fix the issue.

The first thing I can suggest is to simply reboot the smartphone. I can reboot my Pixel 4a and it will fix this stuck missed call notification right away.

But not everyone wants to reboot their phone just to fix a bug. So thankfully there’s another method that works by force stopping the Phone application itself.

In this video I show you two different ways this can be done to fix the Android 12 Beta 3 bug affecting missed calls.

Full Tutorial
1. Intro [00:00]
2. Quick Fix: Just Restart the Phone [00:55]
3. Better Solution: Force Stop the App [02:27]
4. When to expect a fix? [03:49]

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