Denied! SpaceX lawsuit lost, Crew 2 & 3 Splashdown & Launch Update, Chopstick grabbing, JWST Status!

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Do you know, how and exactly where Mechazilla will grab SpaceX’s Starships and Super Heavy boosters? What’s the outcome of the Bezos vs Musk Lawsuit and what does it mean for SpaceX’s future? Did you watch Crew 2 return and when will Crew 3 finally launch? And what’s the latest on the James Webb Space Telescope and what will it be able to explore for us? Let’s find out!

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  1. What do you think? Would it be smart, and will SpaceX make use of such an active heave compensation system for their chopstick assembly?

  2. Jeff only has drawings of his spacecraft whereas Elon is already testing his and his is sooo much cheaper and can carry so much more then Jeff, u lost jeff, suck it up, built something worthy

  3. Hopefully, they will realize at some point, that they need to abandon the idea of steel, otherwise this project will fail.
    Trying to save weight on the legs, and building this ridiculous catching stuff is a consequence of using steel.

  4. Congratulations to all. I like videos and development of Starship. I am islander and when a boy, everybody cames to outside home, to see a plane. Cheers fr Madeira island. Ivo Pestana

  5. I know you have a life outside of YT but your video's are way too far apart to stay in the game. I like what you publish but they are way too far apart to keep up with the competition. Good luck in the future.

  6. Hello! It's been 9 days since your last video, I hope you're all healthy!!! Eagerly waiting for your next video . Keep up the good work and stay safe!!!👍

  7. Can you do one explanation video on how water rockets work? Check ARCA SPACE channel, they had a teetered test launch this week. Will it have enough power to reach orbit with non chemical reaction?

  8. Do you believe the FAA will allow the StupidStack to ever launch from Boca Chica?
    Because SpaceX have violated just about every law they possibly can, and threaten the environment at Boca Chica, as well as threatening the lives and ears of anyone within 8km of the site.

  9. I like the ⭕️Dr.Strange-like glowing rings⭕️ you create, when you highlight something on the screen that you’re talking about. 😀

  10. Actually I thought it was pretty foolish for Jeff Bezos to try to sue NASA for not getting the contract when his lender cost twice as much and did half as much as SpaceX

  11. apart from space we are need Maglev sytems accross the whole US, and put a TUBE AROUND them when crossing long deserts, like desersts maintains, and such n such STOP REMOVING COMMENTS, THATS CENSORSHIP I WORKED HARD OÑ THIS, IT WAS LONG

  12. THATS NOT HOW THE YOUTUBE ALGORYTHM WORKS @What about it!? More Honest TITLE's. you may exxagerate them, make em lengthier, and instead of CLICKBAITy* try STARSHIPy* Believe you i unsubbed and denotified, still i get you in my recommendations because of a like those minus 360 dislikes affect your views, and the algorythm, I and other People Thought the FAA was DENYING SPACE X's starship and Booster heavy's orbital flight test, creating a sense of urgency to watch the video, if the rate of new subs or loss of them is apperemt, it's your own damn fault.
    This is why Digimon have ordinary systemic names. MetalSeaDramon (Metal Sea Dragon (digital Monster) not even honest, very underrated he's like one of the most badass villians EVER,
    MetalSeadramon, RAILGUN (Ultimate Stream), MEGA ICEBLAST, FIREBLAST, SUBSONIC Flight and NAVAL, HELL SQUEEZE, 2,7KM/Long. thats is even a more decent title for the SeaDramon – Line Animated Music Video. Ihad 24k views in 10years…. i expected 100k but i have to change the title and decorate it. better, Marketing is ok, Misleading NOT

  13. those load bearing catch point on the booster where the chopstick grab the boost, are offly, small, will the gridfins be able to hold it incase they mis the ridiculous small points!?

  14. Good to see that blue original list the latest lawsuit. They can't accept that they lost to a better company SpaceX

  15. Federation observation base alpha centari: shit, boys they are going to see us, time to roll out
    Commander: but it takes us 1 year to close operations

  16. What a waste of resources to get to Mars. Sound creativity in Space X is very lacking indeed. The best, safest and most economical way to get to Mars and also to the Moon, as well as any other planetary body out there for any Man landing is to do so with a 'space station like ship' built in orbit and launched from there.

  17. After starship success, i do believe space x will build space factory or biggest space station out in space 🤞🤞🤞

  18. Felix: I find it hard to believe that those chopsticks can catch a landing vehicle without denting it and knocking off TPS tiles. How many? Who knows, but I doubt the glue will dry within the expected "few hours for turnaround" that we're being led to believe. And if one chopstick tilts the landing vehicle, part of that vertical thrust component now becomes a horizontal thrust, denting the ship even more when it bangs into the other chopstick… Of course, we all know Elon's no idiot… but I have to say, I'll believe it when I see it. And what happens if this banging around narrows the ship so much that the chopsticks can't close under those itty bitty catch points? RUD?
    So I'm waiting with bated breath to see the first attempt, as I'm sure you are too.

  19. Stop with the clickbait titles! Better yet, I am unsuscribing to this channel. Go find some other SpaceX nerds to entice.

  20. How can baldy bezos think he should get that contract when he's barely made it out of earth's atmosphere?


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