Top 5 Android 12 Features: Huge Redesign!

Android 12 Beta on my Pixel 5 is a pretty wild redesign.
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  1. Anyone know how to find the Flashlight? If I go through settings and search I can find it. No idea how to find it if I need it quick.

  2. I love android 12 and if u have a Google pixel 4 u will get better battery life when u update to android 12 by a lot!!!🔥🔥🔥

  3. The best operating systems are very simple, ideal for elderly people by default, with the option for advanced users to completely customise the design.

  4. Just got my pixel 6 today and coming from the one plus 6T i'm not sure i like it. Hate the big icons and it even have double tap to lock/wake screen.

  5. Absolutely disappointed, looks worse than I would've imagined. It's a total fuck-up. Is there a way to go back?

  6. Hello everyone,
    Can I get Android 11 or 12 in Pixel 3 XL in India if I purchase in 2021/2022? Kindly respond.
    Love and Respect from India.☺️

  7. Honestly, the wallpaper auto colour thing is trash. With the bold simple backgrounds it works, complex pictures however, it's aweful. Cityscapes seem to be the worse for these, my lockscreen for the last 3 years now makes my clock basically invisible. Honestly, why can't you just choose a black or white android 11 style layout?

    It annoys me how changing from a literal different pixel phone to a new one (with literal different screen) keeping all my widgets the same and working yet a simple update ruins my carefully constructed layout. Hopefully they fix these, or at least let us change it to how we want our layouts.

  8. the wallpaper and style settings option has been completely changed from the beta (this video) and the actual release. you basically cannot customise anything! this sucks 🙁

  9. The video is very helpful. But the T-shirt you are wearing carries bad things. The symbol of the T-shirt carries the identity of the devil.

  10. Google assistant is worse. I was able to send text on WhatsApp but now it just replies is currently not supported, they downgraded it 😂. Even normal text it says the contact doesn't exist.

  11. Just got the pixel 6 pro. YouTube studio app keeps crashing and DJI app won't even open. Does anyone know if this is Android 12 related? My pixel 4xl worked fine probably because I never took the update.

  12. To me Android 12 felt like a 'downgrade'
    – Quick setting Internet, enough said on that debacle
    – removal of the app mute option on volume key press
    – try changing/toggle the last app in the app notification settings. Its overcast with the bottom bar !!
    – not a fan of clunky buttons and wasting space (personal preference)
    – also not sure if its me, but app closing or moving to background feels less smooth now


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