GMINER 2.74 LHR UNLOCK | RTX 3060 | RTX 3060 TI | RTX 3070 | RTX 3070 TI | RTX 3080 | RTX 3080 TI

Hello my fellow miner, today we will have a look at GMiner 2.74 in HiveOS mining Ethereum with LHR unlock. I tested it in Windows too and the results are the same. It contains changes to LHR tune and autotune. Are these changes worth it? That is the question we will be answering in this video.

The following are tested:
RTX 3060 LHR V2
RTX 3070 LHR
RTX 3070 TI
RTX 3080 LHR
RTX 3080 TI

For the RTX 3080 TI hashrate fix, check this video:

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  1. Awesome content!! thanks for everything.. I have a problem with my rtx 3080, memory clock is stuck at 5001mhz and I'm getting half of the mhs, all my other gpus work fine.. any idea what problem could be??

  2. i saw that when i set lock-corelock 1200 that power is unstable. For example that i checked Power i saw 245 to 255 then back 240 or 245. i dont know that it will impact to card or not ?

  3. It's so annoying that not only does the '–lhr_autotune 0' not work, the '–lhr 2' doesn't switch LHR off! It's crazy. It's doing 90 MH/s+, and it decides all on it's own to increase the '–lhr_tune 73.5' to 74, and bang, you're back down to 86 MH/s.

  4. ive got 4x 3070ti – 1500 core 2900 mem running 61-62mhs on t-rex and one 3070ti around 60mhs being stable only at 2450 mem but consuming 10-15w less wattage ±165w

  5. Guys, is there anyone who uses GMiner I have the zotac 3060 ti Hynix memory, it is giving me 41 … 42 .. unstable .. Any recommendations? It would be appreciated. Windows 10! Msi Afterburner

  6. Funny i tried the gminer and my 3080ti was 88mhs on nb and drop down to 83mhs… so i stay with nb for moment

  7. Haha…. LMFAO on the intro. Been using gminer for a bit. It seems to play well with my mixed amd/nvidia rig in windows.

  8. Does anyone have good setting for lhr in bat file for gminer? I have 3070 TI constantly degrading hashrate…

  9. Thanks. Another really great video with repeatable results. I'm getting between 89.0 – 90.1 using gminer (latest version) with a MSI 3080ti using your config exactly on Hive. The text output on your video shows all your fans at 80%, which indicates the speeds have been set, but your GPU over clocking shows 0 – not set. Which is right? Have you set your fan speeds or not? My temperatures on both (2 cards) is 57c, but fan speeds are 78% for Pinky and 83 for Perky. Should I set them? On Windows 10 I could see the memory temperature go as high as 108c, but we don't get that view with Hive. I'm a new miner, and I'm a bit worried as I want these cards to last a bit. Please advise if you get time. PS, I'm in a hot, humid country. Keep up the vids. And you say that the T-Rex dual mining is a waste of time and money. I did try it and the results were awful. It would be good to see you prove that T-Rex dual mining isn't efficient or profitable.

  10. Hi bro, very nice contect, thanks a lot, subscrubed)))
    Could you be so kind and assist me with my bloody ZOTAC 3060TI LHR(Hynix), they are jumping like hell 39-43+Mh. Hive OS Trex miner with following data:
    "hashrate-avr": 60
    "lhr-tune": "73.5,73.5,0,73.5,0"
    "lhr-autotune-step-size" : "0.1"
    Please advice if all correct, or maybe I need to ammend something,

    FYI,I have on my rig 5 cards, 3×3060 and 2×1660, as per bellow:
    Core 1350  Mem 1800 PL130,  Power jumping as well  along with the Hash 120-130W is it normal?Kindly please advise

    Regards, Mykhaylo

  11. 2.71 gminer is my most efficient version in low power mode. All versions after the lhr and hashrates unstable try 2.71

  12. İt wont work for me have 80 80ti 2x60ti but i got unsuccessful results which driver version are y using ?

  13. I had this running for a few hours and realized it wasn't coming up on my nanopool page, it acted like it was mining to a different wallet. I checked etherscan and it had a smaller separate balance than my nanopool wallet. Which sucks cuz the contest obviously, but also I kinda like the way gminer approaches LHR with its slow work up


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