Galaxy S22 Ultra new features leaks – game changer!

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  1. Essentially I'd love for the s22 Ultra to be a wider s21 Ultra, have the fingerprint reader on the power button, and the internal sPen (which is confirmed so I'm happy!).

  2. Love the honesty Vic. I heard the battery life in the S21 was meh too. I hope software optimisation on both Snapdragon and Exynos has improved.

  3. Will not purchase anymore phones from from Samsung until they bring back expendable storage. They have downgraded to IPhone wannabes!! What a huge disappointment in my eyes.

  4. I love how every year it just keeps adding an additional camera lens on the back πŸ˜‚ soon the entire rear of the phone will be lenses

  5. I have a NOTE10+ and found it nearly impossible to find a better phone. S21 didnt wow me and im not a fan of the whole ZFold thing so i decided to hold off and wait. I guess i made the right choice for the S22 Ultra?

  6. Im most excited for the Ultra I currently own a 9+ & purposely skipped s21 waiting fir the S22 upgrades Go big or go home. IM READY although I am going to do a little investigating because I do want the vwry best phone money can buy as it will most likely be the last for me I tend to hold onto them for some time and Im getting older with no upgrades in site!!

  7. I started out the Note 8+ and then got S10+ and then got Note 10+ and then Note 20 Ultra and now currently using S21 ultra. If there ever a samsung addict, that would be. I've been following the leaks about the S22 Ultra for months now and i must say that i am quite fascinated by all that we have seen but the fact that Samsung finally decided to merge the Note and Galaxy series remains one of the best business decision they have made in recent times. I cant wait to get the S22 ultra especially the Champagne Gold variant and i do hope that the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip finally makes its way to the African Market this time around for a change

  8. Since they took away the headphone jack and expandable SD card slot, there is no reason anymore to not switch to Apple iPhone.
    Samsung tried so hard to copy Apple in this regard and what was a differentiator is not here anymore.
    No need to stay with Samsung anymore.

  9. Looks like my Samsung ultra 20 is still a great phone buy it does not have the stabilizer on the 100% zoom lens. A friend who has the 21 says a stabilizer works perfect he can take pictures of the Moon handheld. Me with my 20 have to use a tripod. Can you believe that pictures of the moon on a Samsung phone camera. As for fast charging I been using 64 watt charging on my 20ultra and it works perfect. It like Greece lightning its that fast.. Disappointing is Samsung has no storage on board. I guess its cloud storage or buy max storage on phone. Long term what would be cheapest. This Iphone lover might do the math for us if you can trust his results as he pretty inaccurate with everything else

  10. Samsung is the the dominant play in all phones. This guy left apple Iphone out. Iphonees the one Samsung makes the screens for. Yes Samsung it the dominant phone maker of the world very close second by Huawei .Iphones are not even in the Running despite pay 24 billion to free access to the Chinese market. Samsung no longer takes part in Chinese market it was the dominant player at one time. I guess it doesn't like the 25 billion Price Tag over 5 years. Android system owned by Google is the dom dominant system in the world. Huawei phones have launched there own system it be interesting to see how it does.

  11. I cant believe after so many years SAMSUNG is finally doing everything solid in almost every category…. EVen in software the new haptics and the user experience and the new elegant design and strategic decisions ……. Lets support our SAMMY on this comeback guys

  12. Do they all 22's come with the stylist pen, I really need it looking forward to upgrade but I need the stylus pen interested in the plus

  13. Everytime new phone comes out u call it game changer and besides camera specs nothing comes new , please don't waist time


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