Is There A Difference In Gaming Between AMD's R9 5900X and 5950X?

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Is There A Difference In Gaming Between AMD’s R9 5900X and 5950X?

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  1. tech- define peformance…
    Me- Smooth gameplay! No stutters! Not so worried about the highest fps if it isnt smooth.

    By the way I went to 32 gb of ram from 16 thanks to you guys and Im definantely happier as someone who plays the latest AAA games in ultra detail at 4k. Ive seen warzone use over 16 in mp so it does use it. Love the vid!

  2. I know its a crazy way of thinking lol But I will admit it I enjoy having all Halo products in my PC lol

  3. A few months ago I bought a pre-built with a 5900x and a 3080 with 32GB of RAM and the entire system cost about what just the 5900x + 3080 combined price today (no motherboard, etc.). About the price of a single 3080ti and almost a grand less than a 3090 by itself. I think I got a great deal.

  4. Ethernet latency should be addressed as total response time. If you have ever unloaded half a magazine into a another plkayer, only to be informed your dead in the replay? Give it a 👍!

  5. man i always tell this a stable 60fps small frametime vs 60fps frametime all over the roof. 🤣 .

  6. I have a question if someone could answer. I have a Ryzen 5 3600 its only 65w If I upgrade to a 105w how will that effect my heat and noise? I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 now and its cool and quite I hate fan noise. Would a 105w CPU be that much louder I don't want to have to buy a new cooler any help is appreciated…thanks

  7. Save your money and get the 5900 because it can handle almost everything also cinebench give me 21930 multi score and that’s always on stock speed no overclock, not even Needed . That’s a lot of power

  8. Man I got the 5800x because it was the highest one I could get at the time. Rocking a ROG STRIX LC 3080 TI and debating if I should do the switch now to a 5950x. Sim race on triple 170hz 2k monitors.

  9. if you dont think the 5900X is smooth as Butter you guys are loco. I just got one paired with a Taichi 550/3060 OC/XPG S70 Blade 2TB/64GB 3200 Vengeance Kit and it is a freaking BEAST! It'll knock down anything i throw at it for the next 15 years! The 5950X is like bringing a Nuke to Knife fight imo and its a $1000 CPU here in Canada. It's bit of a overkill CPU considering the cost/benefit ratio

  10. Also depends on the resolution you play at and what your current GPU is. I have a 3080 Ti an a 5600X playing at 1440p. For me, I took the money I would have spent on a 5900X and bumped my GPU budget high enough to get the 3080 Ti instead of a normal 3080. I might upgrade my CPU once the new 3D CPU's are out, but so far, the 5600X is doing fine for a pure gaming rig.

  11. What is stopping tech from recommending Ryzen 9 6000 24C48T for gaming ??

    He will use the same speech , same reasoning , same game 128 player battelfield and turn it into a video and pray that someone will use his links .

  12. I would bet money that if you did a blind test in any current game, you would not be able to tell the difference.

  13. My 9700K encounter problems with battlefield 2042, i tried it the open beta with my 3080 ti on 1440p. My cpu load went 85-100%, when it reaches 100% it wont respond to my registers. this sucks because the 8700k would run better because it has no hyperthreading

  14. I went 5900X many months ago. I originally wanted an 5950X (because I wanted the BEST), but there was virtually no benefit for me to go that route. I play 2K, didn't go 64 RAM (32 instead). I also wanted a 3080, but ended up getting a 3090. But that's just because of how the market is back then. The 3090 is basically my GPU for the next several years, so if I do an upgrade next year, my system will definitely get bumped up to 64 RAM, then I'll consider if 12 cores is sufficient or if I should jump up to 16 cores (or whatever they'll have by next year). Like you said, 5900X is more than enough for most users.

  15. Sure the 5950X is better than the 5900X, but not a single person will notice a difference between the 2 on any games for years to come, unless of course they got a crap ton of background stuff going on, but the 24 thread chip will handle a lot before any game gives it grief.

  16. I have the ultra wide monitor and 3080 but I am using an X99 5960x. I like to run lots of other programs at the same time I game. I also play Star Citizen which will use all available cores. I was thinking Threadrippers 64 core or something. What do you suggest?

  17. A 5900x will have similar average fps as 5600x and in fact they are within margin of error but the 1 percent low and frametime are consistently better on the 5900x. Thats why 5900x will provide smoother and more stable multitasking experience over the 5600x

  18. That 128 player on battlefield 2042 will be a critical point where gamers will decide what to upgrade to

  19. I bet their is that someone who bought an RTX 3090 and paired it with a 5600x lol. Not that I can talk I'm the opposite. I wanted a 6900xt/3080 at launch but only was only able to get a 3060 at launch to pair with my 5950x that I bought at launch =/ At this point I'm just going to save and put forth big money into RDNA3 or RTX 4000. If I did not get them by now no point in buying the high end GPUs of today. All games are super smooth though even with the 3060 so there is that.

  20. I'm going to stick with my 3900x for a few more years. Its got plenty of cores and reasonable IPC. I'll wait a couple gens after ddr5 becomes the new standard. Give manufacturers time to work out the bugs. I'm going to put the money I save in the hip pocket national bank

  21. I don't mind spending the money but my bigger problem actually is I don't know how to easily sell the excess hardware that isn't old yet.

  22. Then someone gets the wrong low end cpu running with hitches in game. All they can say is "I can't believe it's not butter"…

  23. meh, I have that high tier system with a 5900x. No issues now and by the time it feels slow, the 5950x will also feel slow when compared to newer chips.

  24. And newer doesn't mean better. I had the 5th gen 5950X and upgraded to the 8th gen FX-8350. I wasn't impressed at all.

  25. 5950X is a bit expensive, but 5900x now, after price cuts, is a good value IMHO. I wonder what the new Intel CPUs will show

  26. I've never experienced 16 cores before but I've experienced 12 and The Division 2 frame time is generally a flatline through single player. Haven't tried PvP yet but yeah those extra cores do help smooth out the experience.

  27. I bought a 5950x and 3080. 3090 msrp even if it was real; is waaay to much money for a gaming gpu.

  28. As owner of both, for gaming, I would go with the 5900x . I can't really tell the difference between both lol.

  29. I've had low end pcs for a long time, finally decided to go all out

    5950x Cpu(waiting on new Intel cpu for possible discount not in a rush)
    3090 Gpu
    Dark hero 8 motherboard
    4400 cl 17 4×16 memory
    1000 gold+ psu
    2 tb western digital black sn850 nvme
    1 tb samsung 980 pro nvme
    Fractal meshify 2- already purchased might get the new Fractal torrent case

    Only part I'm missing is the 5950x

  30. I tell people FPS is not the main spec I look for. I will take a cpu that gives me a slightly reduced FPS number as long as everything is smooth. This is why I take my time and get components when I’m ready and don’t rush.


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