Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition!

Samsung Z Fold 3 is the second best folding phone on earth for a reason.
That shirt!

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.


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  1. Got mine a week ago? Camera is so sub par compared to my note 10 plus, and yessss battery life? Well it's negligible to put it nicely. I'm so terribly disappointed. Wish I wouldn't have "upgraded"

  2. samsung should have their own software after creating this high end smartphones , just saying .

  3. As a public service anouncment after 4 months of use the screen delaminated along the seem. Samsung says thats normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty. Buyer be ware!!!

  4. Samsung makes the worst icemaker on the planet and refuses to warrant them. I wonder about their phones, in fact all their products.

  5. I can't believe I just watched content on YouTube without hidden ads and someone asking me to like and subscribe to their video. Instantly liked and subscribed and I will watch all your stuff. Thanks!

  6. Foldable phones seem like a gimmick, if they made a foldable phone with a keyboard that would probably hype the market

  7. I'm sure Samsung has watched this video and will try to overcome some of the phones shortcomings. Great review!

  8. This phone plus the flip is almost perfect combo for me. I always love big screen but hated carrying around big bag to have these big tabs on hand so this phone could solve my problem. But the fold still too narrow when folded so I'll wait for something as wide as a regular phone when folded. The flip on the other hand could literally fit anywhere so its perfect partner for a thick folding phone that take one whole pocket space with it.

  9. I just graduated from MA degree after 5 years of struggle 🥰, i would be happy if you gift me one✨🙏🏻.

  10. With samsung releasing folding phones, Apple is looking really outdated. I was really disappointed with iphone 13.

  11. So how does this phone hold up in a hot shower? Meaning will the fog or misfire mess up the speakers or phone itself?

  12. The guy that destroys phones had a hard time getting grit through the hinge he buried it.

  13. Still not good enough for me, but a very exquisite device. Thank you very much for your review

  14. I'm overjoyed to see the Samsung z series overtaking earlier generations in terms of sales.

  15. I love it, would definitely buy it, including the upgraded version. This is an entrepreneurs dream.

  16. It's really cool, I was using my brother's today. But it's way too expensive. Might as well just buy and iphone 13 pro and an iPad with that money

  17. It's sad, but Apple doesn't even have foldable technology. It's just about hinges, and even Chinese has the tech now.

  18. yo psxigma <3 if yall homies undertand me reply im an abused schizophrenic who just likes talking to people


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