Mysonne Reacts To 21 Savage & Wack 100 Clubhouse Arguments & Says Wack 100 is NOT an OG or BIG HOMIE


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  1. Mysonne cut it out. We grew up in the Years were mobb deep had major influence on the east coast. And snoop and Dre had influence on the west coast and all of them were fake. This has been going on for a long time

  2. 69 cooperating with da law means he duznt have honor and integrity but a thug who destroys his own community but duznt cooperate with da law has integrity and honor?make dat make sense

  3. Why u keep tàking Abt real shit suker shit at ur age all that shit is street shit and u say u not in the street so leave that to them do something for the people all the people any in the street that need to b help

  4. This dude is a walking contradiction how you sooooo real but you on the internet running your mouth 😂😂😂😂

  5. mysonne when u speak real most of these dudes don't even comprehehend it because they're fake as s–t like most of these people in the comments : fake & childish as hell

  6. Unbelievable the amount of energy these dudes giving 69 got 23 million followers on IG he gaining numbers tall sound like haters at this point why bother Alpo in New York Mysonne ain’t hard on him.

  7. He already talked to wack. Wack is an OG but a horrible one!! Wack can't even fight as you can see online. He bout that action but he sucks 😂

  8. Wack really lives in Mysonne's head. Shouldn't this guy be focused on more important shit considering he's Mr. Activist?

  9. Agree 100% and I aint even heard the whole talk. Everyone who act like wack is a stupid pathetic loser. A dumb instigator. We ove here trynna stop the violence YOU over here instigating it every day and you a grown man. A poor misrepresentation of a man whoever agree with wack

  10. U said some shit wen u said “it’s the same way they do wen they notify u that a rapist is in your neighborhood “🤔…….that hit different!✊🏾


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