Unboxing Logitech K360 wireless compact keyboard in 4K (Windows or Chrome OS)

Unboxing of this great full size wireless 2.4 ghz italian keyboard – Logitech k360 (also k360r) for complete my pc work station.

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  1. You know when I unboxed our keyboard at first I thought the receiver was missing or never shipped with one. We were about to send it back to Walmart up until I watched this video and I noticed that device resting on the latch of the box. I looked in the battery compartment and i thought it was supposed to be in there as there was an indication of one goes there. I was shocked to find that it wasn't there but your video help me realize that it was on the box itself. I would of made a mistake if wasn't for that. If there were going to ship this keyboard. They really should place that dongle thing at a better location like inside the battery compartment for storage as shows inside the batter compartment. Thank you.

  2. Tested and working with Chrome OS? Wondering how you connected the Unifying Receiver to your Chromebook.


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