Starlink to the rescue & SpaceX sets new record

Starlink is helping people in Kentucky following devastating tornadoes. Twenty kits were brought into the UK Cooperative Extension office in Paducah on Wednesday, and 30 to 40 more have been requested by the state.

SpaceX is targeting Saturday, December 18 for a Falcon 9 launch of 52 (Starlink) satellites to low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

And @Dave Lee on Investing and I talk about a potential timeframe for Starlink to IPO.
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  1. Hurry hurry please Starlink electricity was out for week here now the internet has been out for 2 weeks in Alaska last email said it will be ready by 2022 in my area hurry we’re in the stone ages here.

  2. We finally have star link in our area and were signed up a head as well. Here ISP is like a monopoly and near $100 a month and it was always dropping off. Horrible servive if you can even can it that.More wait on hold hours to get someone that knows nothing. Star link came and was simple enough a cave man like me set it up. No more dropping off. When we shut of Sudden link they asked why. Said we have Star link now, they said Oh that is that Elon thing….Next will be a tesla vehicle. The only issue we had with Star was thsent the wrong mount that we ordered extra. One Email I get call from Star link. no waiting they guy was from the USA and very nice. Said if could send him a pic of the box . Did that on the phone. Said the right part is on its way and keep the pole mount.

  3. The POOR Sheepable…. First make them poor then Track them like sheep to insure they stay that way…. God Help US!!!

  4. Would Starlink be capable of helping out the Philippine people that were completely devastated by Typhoon Rai last week? Is Starlink capable of functioning on the southern islands?

  5. A friend who lives in Louisiana told me earlier this year, when he was setting up communications after the hurricanes, they had 20 something Starlink kits. He was impressed with how easy they were to set up and how fast the internet was. He has worked in IT in the military for years, which was the best he has had. I can say Starlink, for me, has been better than cable internet when I lived in a city.

  6. As a nerd, its nice to see beautiful face like yours. But other videos where you had less makeup, you looked like an angel. Wear less makeup.

  7. Elon and Starlink have only launched 5% of the satellites needed to fulfill Starlink's agenda. Don't hold your breath waiting for the rest, because it will take another 5 years and hundreds of launches to achieve the promised coverage.

  8. "Poorest of the poor"I could not understand what he was saying, played it back enough times to figure it out lol

  9. Thanks, Ellie! Yes, Starlink is dependent on Starhship launches to give it the boost it needs to serve all those that want it for internet service. Then SpaceX will IPO Starlink. I agree with David Lee. Thanks for this video and all your videos!

  10. The question is WILL SpaceX IPO? For myself I would hope it will. For Elon I hope he doesn't. Once a company is public, you are at the mercy of institutional investors, all of whom are money grabbing trash. They would not allow SpaceX to spend money on colonizing Mars unless they see profit in it. Elon needs to keep SpaceX safe from predatory investors.

  11. Just keep in mind that China and Russia have the technology and the tools to take out ALL our satellites and will probably target them first.

  12. All these people who act like they're helping humanity are just posers. Politicians, Greta Thunberg, etc. All talk.
    Elon is actually helping people. He does real things while other people talk about it and throw money at the problem. Sometimes they don't even throw money.

  13. Still waiting on mine. Thought this was called the Better then nothing beta, but seems like everyone who gets it already has cable. And why am I still waiting??
    Shortages? Doesn't seems like they have Shortages for the satellites.

  14. After watching a few of your videos I had to subscribe, keep up the good work and awesome intro by the way.

  15. "Starlink is the key" for the poorest. Yay, someone gets it! Starlink has immense potential to improve life for rural people in Africa and Asia.

    It's so nice that Elon making things to enable life on Mars just happens to improve life on Earth so much.

  16. Watched the Vandenberg launch from the Bay Area. Nice red flare going up over the neighbor's house. 37 degrees (2.7 C) outside so I ran inside to watch the 98th landing. If they land the next two (Turksat is in an hour), they've hit another round number milestone.

  17. I saw something in this video that was super cool. It was the Washington State Patrol Aviation sticker on your wall. Hooya Ellie!

  18. This you tube channel is spot on.
    Dave Lee Stare link will link our devided Earth help equality this is great news end the toxic fossil fuel burning cartel 🌎Tesla Star Link Neuro link SpaceX 😀 are going to be big so will this channel 😀

  19. Star Link is supposed to service rural areas. I would use it seasonally but not for the whole year. So why no seasonal rates?


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