Wack Brings 6ix9ine To Clubhouse to Answer Snitching Questions, 69 Gets HEATED Defending Himself


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  1. 69 wanabee gangsta so bad he running with the lable the feds gave him no one in the street see him as such

  2. Lmao ppl don’t understand that there have been millions of 69’s, 69 is just immensely famous. These ppl that are saying ‘it wouldn’t happen to me’ bc it hasn’t happened to them yet.

  3. He got rondo shooter as his pro pic says it all
    69 don't have that die by the sword attitude there's no code in his mind he was already bout play them

  4. Yall keep saying he a civilian that's lame af . A shit talking civilian who talks about niggas dead homies smh civilians dont do that

  5. He talking about a president who was set up by the government meaning his own security knew he was gonna die 69 wack that's definitely not the same thing

  6. @69. It’s as if you feel giving up moral for a piece of pussy is alright. Wack I see why you have your name. I thought it was for body count. It’s actually the behavior. All this is grimy.

  7. Its him saying the word nigga for me . Tekashi isn't black and yall are allowing this man to keepsaying that word over and over again 🙄 I'm done listening to this stupidity

  8. How is Tekashi a civilian when he just ran down all the crimes he was apart of. Civilians don't put hits out on ppl

  9. Wack and academics are extremely clout chasing. Both of them make me throw up. 6/9 I am sick of listening to.


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