iPad pro 9.7 no backlight after screen replacement – Repair without board diagram

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In this repair video we will be working on an iPad pro 9.7 inch that has no backlight The backlight circuit blew out after attempted screen replacement. No backlight means that image is very dark and dim to a point where it looks like the screen is off. No board diagrams exist for this tablet. We had to rely on physical inspection combined with common sense to do the repair. We replaced the backlight filter and one diode. The iPad pro 9.7 backlight repair was successful and the backlight circuit is fixed.

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  1. hi my friend i need your advice i have a sensor not working on repairing ipad 9.7 what will you shine

  2. please answer me i have ipad pro 9.7 stuck dfu mode give it software and restart but back dfu mode too
    i replace nand flash but continue problem ?

  3. Thanks for the video and congtratulations.
    How did you know what a value of the filter to use( no schematic available, as you said)?
    And how did you know that those 2 diodes were for backlight?Only guess?

  4. Ah yes, the “knock on effect”. The Tech’s experience and knowledge make the win here for the customer. Well done. All around we see videos on YouTube that show similar repairs. It would be nice to see more videos where the Tech has limited resources, board views etc. to make the win. This then would demonstrate just how much confidence the client should invest in such an experienced Tech. Another big 👍 from me.


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