How To: Replace iPhone 4 Screen (Display Assembly)

There are countless ways to break the screen on your iPhone. Even the most careful of owners have experienced that heartbreaking moment when they realize their display has fragmented into so many pieces of sharp glass. Fortunately, all is not lost! This video will show you that replacing the display assembly on your iPhone 4 may take a little bit of time, but it’s not difficult, and it’ll save you some hard earned dinero.

Follow the repair instructions for replacing your iPhone 4 Display Assembly here:

Get outfitted with the proper tools here:

Purchase your new display assembly from iFixit here:
iPhone 4 GSM

iPhone 4 CDMA

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  1. For replacing the screws with washers, I use a magnetic screwdriver bit set, and gently rest the washer on top of the screw. The magnet holds the washer in place!

  2. I have iphone 4 and the screen is flickering, but the LCD is not broken, should I buy new LCD? Or there is problem in connector?

  3. Great video! How do you keep track on which screw fits where when you have to assemble again?

  4. For some reason i cant unscrew the orange highlighted screws i just need to unscrew those so i can continue i have the 5.0 philips screw

  5. Do you really sell this stupid plastic tools to idiots?  I mean,you have tools for repairing Hubble satellite

  6. damn I just totally broke my phone..should've just paid the extra 10 bucks to have it professionally done.

  7. Great video!!
    I feel embarrased about the inappropiate comments about you that some men won't do if you were a man, but at least over time I see few of those and more normal, respectful commentaries. You're fixing more than gadgets in this videos. So double thank you and GO AHEAD! iFixit rocks!

  8. I replaced the screen on my iPhone 4S but now i can see the back of the screen turn on but nothing shows can u please help

    na just joking, but its a retina display when it has above 400ppi

  10. We forgot to mention the 4 screws in the corner that actually hold the assembly in place. pried the screen out after removing the 6 screws as mentioned on the side and ripped all 4 corner mounts off the digitizer. smh

  11. iNSANITY! Just treat your iPhone like a newborn; handle with serious care! OR buy a new one! After; the next model will likely be even more Apple-ish!


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