From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

January 9, 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of smartphones. From the original iPhone to now, smartphones are basically candy bars, and everyone has become accustomed to the experience of “going straight to the ground”. It was not until the past two years that folding screen mobile phones came out, which is regarded as the next wave of revolution in smartphones. The large and small dual screens inside and outside bring a new experience.

What’s new about the folding screen?More than just a bigger screen

Compared with candy bar phones, the core of folding screen phones lies in the new form brought by folding. There are inner screens and outer screens. After the inner screen is unfolded, a larger display screen can be obtained, and the experience of watching videos and playing games is better. , it does not take up space in the folded form, the supporting software also has a different experience, and the interaction and multi-tasking capabilities are stronger.

Simply put, the folding screen is an important means for mobile phone brands to “show muscle” technology, breaking through the appearance and functional limitations of traditional mobile phones, and the hardware and software experience is unprecedented. Who can stand out in the era of folding screen mobile phones, That could potentially be the leader in a new generation of smartphones.

Therefore, the folding screen is a high ground that major mobile phone brands have to contend for.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

According to statistics, in the three years since 2018, many technology companies, including Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, OPPO, etc., have entered the market and released more than 20 folding mobile phones, but the early folding screen mobile phones were also quickly eliminated. .

The latest folding screen phone is the Honor Magic V. In recent months, Huawei Mate X2, OPPO Find N, and Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 have also been released or popular in the market. High-end players who like folding screens are also mainly It is the entanglement of which one to choose among the four heavenly kings.

How to choose a folding screen?Comprehensive experience is more critical

Folding screen mobile phones are born with a halo. Now many high-end players consider folding screen mobile phones when they change their phones. So which mobile phone is suitable for Honor Magic V, Huawei Mate X2, OPPO Find N, Samsung Galaxy Flip 3? What to choose now in 2022?

Compared with hardware: the newer the better. Strong performance is the basis of experience.

First of all, let’s take a look at the hardware configuration. The structure of the folding screen mobile phone is more complicated, and the hardware stack is difficult. Although it cannot be based on stacking theory, powerful performance is also the basis of the folding screen experience, and it is naturally better to carry a new generation of hardware.

Huawei Mate X2 is equipped with Kirin 9000 5G chip, built-in 4500mAh battery, supports 55W super fast charge, Find N is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, built-in 4500mAh battery, supports 33W fast charge, Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 888 Chip, built-in 3300mAh battery, supports 15W wired charging.

As for the Honor Magic V, it is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8, 4nm 5G SoC processor, built-in 4750mAh large-capacity battery, supports 66W wired fast charging, and achieves greater battery life and faster charging on the folding screen.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

From the hardware point of view, the Honor Magic V, which is released later, has the advantage. The processor is the advanced generation Snapdragon 8. The battery capacity and fast charging are also significantly stronger than the other three folding screen phones.

This is just a hardware difference in performance. If you consider game optimization, camera and video, etc., the Honor Magic V also has obvious advantages. As the newly released flagship folding screen, it has been full of parameters in terms of hardware. It is an all-rounder Bucket flagship.

Better than folded: when unfolded, the screen is larger and without creases

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

The folding design used by the Find N claims to eliminate creases

In addition to the hardware configuration, the more critical point of the folding screen mobile phone is the folding form. Each folding design is different. It can be turned inside out or even turned up and down. The size of the screen after unfolding is also different, and the hinge design is also very different. Whether there are creases is also one of the places that everyone is most concerned about.

In this regard, the external screen of Huawei’s Mate X2 is a 6.45-inch 2700 x 1160 resolution OLED screen with a 90Hz high refresh rate. When unfolded, it is an 8-inch 2480 x 2200 screen, which also supports 90Hz high refresh rate. It adopts a double-swirl water drop hinge design. The crease is small.

Find N has a 5.49-inch outer screen and a 7.1-inch inner screen. It is made of E5 material and realizes a 1-120Hz intelligent dynamic refresh rate based on LTPO technology. The hinge adopts the self-developed Seiko quasi-cone hinge technology, which is very expensive and works well. .

Samsung’s Flip 3 is equipped with a 6.7-inch folding screen with a resolution of 2640×1080 and a supported 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It adopts the same invisible hinge as the Fold3, which can withstand up to 200,000 openings and closings, and realizes the expansion and fixation of the device at multiple times. Adaptive split-screen mode for different angles.

However, the Flip 3 is folded up and down, which is different from other folding screens.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

As for the Honor Magic V, it uses a left and right inward folding method. The outer screen is a 6.45-inch OLED screen with a ratio of 21.3:9, a resolution of 2560 x 1080, and supports 120Hz high refresh rate. The inner screen has a larger size effect. It is equipped with a 7.9-inch super-sized screen with an aspect ratio of 10.3:9 and a resolution of 2272 x 1984. It supports 90Hz high brushing. The hinge is a self-developed ultra-thin floating water drop hinge, which supports 200,000 precise opening and closing times.

Comparing the four folding screen phones, the Honor Magic V’s internal and external screens are very exciting, and it strives for a larger area. The unfolded 7.9-inch large screen has better color, high brush and even PWM dimming, and the thickness of the hinge is better controlled. In terms of comparison, only Huawei Mate X2, Find N and Flip 3 have a small screen after folding, which is not dominant in scenarios such as games and videos.

Than software: UI interface optimized for folding screen is also the key

After the hardware comparison is complete, the software experience cannot be ignored. Since the folding screen brings a new interactive experience, the challenge of UI optimization is also quite large. It requires comprehensive cooperation and improvement between manufacturers and major software APPs to ensure the unique advantages of the folding screen.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

Huawei Mate X2 has worked hard on split screen

In this regard, Huawei and Samsung’s folding screen optimization was done earlier, but in the domestic market, Samsung’s localization has always been almost meaningless. Although Honor and OPPO have only recently released their first folding screen mobile phones, Honor’s UI is a standout On the shoulders of giants, OPPO Find N is also accelerating improvements.

On the Honor Magic V, its first Magic UI 6.0 is also fully optimized for folding screens, a single-application parallel horizon progressive display, multi-application, multi-tasking multi-window, floating window, smart split screen and a series of displays, The interaction and operation logic have been optimized for intelligent and simplified operation.

At present, the Honor Magic V can support 100+ single-application parallel horizons and 1000+ multi-application split screens. Among them, TOP 100 applications are 100% large-screen adaptation, and TOP 1000 applications are 90% large-screen adaptation.

Taking the most commonly used WeChat as an example, on the Honor Magic V folding screen mobile phone, while chatting, you can read the WeChat public account or video chat on the other side, which is very convenient.

Among the four kings of Honor Magic V, Huawei Mate X2, OPPO Find N, and Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, after so many competitions, how should you choose?

For Huawei Mate X2, its configuration and folding screen design are still very good, and its brand recognition is high, and the price is also the most expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 is the smallest among the four folding screens, because it folds up and down, fashionable and trendy, and the price is not expensive. The hardware configuration is almost meaningless, but it is very suitable for little girls.

OPPO Find N is also a recent star product. The hinge design is high-tech and supports free hovering. The 7.1-inch screen is a bit small, but the price of 7699 yuan is very suitable for mainstream users to try it out.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

Honor Magic V is the latest product among the four folding screen mobile phones. It has the advantage of being a late mover in technology. The hardware configuration is the most powerful. The size, resolution, and color are all top-notch. The front and rear lenses are also higher than other products. The glass version has titanium air silver and bright black, and the plain leather version has a burning orange color scheme, which is also very fashionable. .

Compared with other options, the Honor Magic V is balanced and powerful in all aspects, and the discerning users can’t find any slots. The starting price of 9999 yuan is also affordable for many people. This is a model that can be used as the main force. If you don’t know which one to choose among these four mobile phones, it is definitely right to choose the Honor Magic V.

The Honor Magic V folding screen mobile phone was launched on the 18th, and the scalpers have been fired to 17,000 yuan

The Honor Magic V has been pre-sold on major e-commerce platforms. Nearly 70,000 people have made reservations in’s official flagship alone. As a high-end mobile phone starting at 9999 yuan, its popularity is high.

Because of this, the popularity of the Honor Magic V can be expected, and it has also led to some platform hype. There are also scalpers in a well-known “seafood market” who have raised the price of the Honor Magic V to 17,000 yuan or more. This is only the reservation stage.

From 9999 yuan, the Honor Magic V will go on sale tomorrow: the most practical folding screen is here

For such a price, it is not recommended that you go to the second-hand platform to snap up, or choose a reliable official flagship store and Honor Mall, which will be officially launched at 10:08 a.m. on January 18. Set an alarm clock to place an order on time.

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