iPad Air 4 long-term review | Worth buying in 2021? | Mark Ellis Reviews

I’ve been using the iPad Air 4 since December 2020 and it has recently become my main writing device. Here’s my long-term review of the iPad Air 4 where I reveal why it is Apple’s best and most confusing iPad, ever.

00:00 – Intro
01:46 – The price
04:20 – Design
06:19 – 11” iPad Pro comparison
08:12 – Magic Keyboard
10:51 – Conclusion

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  1. Mark, got the 256gb for Christmas in green I have heard of battery issues with this. Any knowledge you have on that? Should have I got the iPad Pro 128 gb instead? Probably not much difference in price. When will iPad Air 5 come out? Maybe OLED screen?

  2. I'm pretty sure alot here can't decide on getting air4 64gb coz of its size. I was there. I took the 64gb anyway. Use it for photo editing and drawing in procreate and affinity photo. I've installed every app I need, no games though. Im only using 25gb now. Trick is don't get too attached to your files. Back it up or delete it. You'll save a ton of money and enjoy a wonderful device with an amazing software.

  3. Hey Mark, would it be a good idea to buy an iPad Air 4 now or wait for the spring event and see if a new iPad Air comes out?!

  4. I want to wait for the spring update to see if there will be an ipad air 5 but genuine queation. Would you suggest buying this ipad air 4 now than wait for the ipad air 5 next year?

  5. I dont get it. An IPaid with the magic is basically a laptop and yet you say you prefer that because you can use it in your kitchen or your living room. You can do the same with a laptop. Both have keyboards, both have screens. I dont think it matters if you are on a laptop ( which has keys and trackpad) or you are on a IPAD ( which needs keys and a trackpad to basically become a laptop) seems redundant really. Almost like Apple said. I wonder if there is a way we can trick people into buying 2 things ( screen + keyword and trackpad ) vs all in one ( the laptop which has been around forever ) OH yes, lets create the ipad and the magic LOL

  6. I got the 256gb because I’m still old school and buy all my music either from iTunes or ripped off of CDs and store them locally. That’s the main thing but I also like to have the space so I can download movies and shows to watch if I’m traveling or going to be somewhere where there’s no WiFi since I have the WiFi only versions

  7. I download Netflix or Disney plus, Chinese Flixs…lots of commuting lol! I’m always in the 70 ish go used

  8. Well I like using the iPad for gaming and video editing. Genshin Impact is like 9 gigs for example. My videos are also more than ten minutes long. These days, my iPad mini 5 64 gig just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

  9. I have it for awhile now and I use it as a laptop and a streaming device for movies and shows. Thanks to the magic keyboard, it works so much better.

  10. I have the Air 4 256 gb. Although 64 go is more than enough storage. I plan to use it for the next 3-5 years so I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases. Especially since my Professors are now going paperless with textbooks and assignments. I love the size of the Air it has a great charge and it’s light weight. It makes College less of a hassle.

  11. I had previously bought the iPad Pro (11", M1, 128GB) and just swapped to an iPad Air (4th Gen, 64 GB) instead. I am primarily using it to take notes for school and maybe stream some video, so I like having saved $200!

  12. The first iPad I had was a couple years ago and was a hand-me-down iPad mini 3. This is the first one I that I got new for myself and I love it. I was a little sketchy about the 64 gig at first. I also have a Galaxy tab s6 light and I love the fact that I can throw a giant MicroSD in there. When I did I threw a ton of gigs of videos on there, but I realistically don't need it most the time and everything is on my cloud which I can access on the iPad anyways if I wanted to watch some of those videos. My OneNote app to have it fully downloaded is also around 60 GB with all my files so that's a non-starter as well. I have a surface go and of the three similar form factors the iPad is just the most joyful to use. I'm a huge digital note taker, as you can tell from my 60 GB worth of OneNote. This is a beast.

  13. Hi – I need an iPad for study (Apple pencil) and some drone editing (Luma Fusion) I fancy the Air – but it's Oct 2020 release and it's due a refresh maybe? Bad time to buy? I hate buyers remorse! Cheers

  14. Using my Air 4 since November 2020 with a Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2. It replaced my Windows laptop, at least for me. The only thing that I miss with my laptop is the Excel formulas when needed at work, but I don’t mind it most of the time since I still can work with it when at home. I also don’t have plans on upgrading to the M1 Pro since the Air 4 can deliver my daily needs. Amazing device! I’ll just check and wait for the new Pro next year if it’s gonna be worth the upgrade!

  15. I have 64 GB iPad Air. No storage issue as I have life time subscription of office 365 from my university so 1TB free storage. 18 GB from google drive and 50GB iCloud cost only $13 for a year.

  16. Got my first iPad 3yrs ago, ended up selling it and regretted doing so…when I saw the new Air 4 I just had to have one and love it! So much so I ended up switching to a iPhone 📱 from Samsung not saying I like the iPhone better but it’s good enough to get me by for the next 3-4 yrs as I don’t have to have the newest phone for what I use mines for which is videos, movies, internet etc basic use so getting a new phone because it has a better camera system don’t matter to me as I don’t take a ton of photos and videos but if I do it’ll still be in great quality!

  17. My thoughts the same! I Dont need it but I want it! I thought I was the only one hhahah…But I do love my iPad 4, it is pretty awesome!

  18. "Nobody really needs an Ipad" I can think about at least 4 artist categories that would strongly disagree with you on that one. As a tattoo artist it's invaluable. It saves soooo much time and makes work incredibly much easier.

  19. Fantastic review, your video editing, camera clarity, audio, content and cadence is the quality of someone who has 1MM subs. Awesome work.

  20. I brought the 64 air as well .
    I was using ipad 8 with 32 gb and it was never an issue .

    But the main reason i went for ipad air is the price .
    Ipad air 38,000 (530) USD
    Iipad pro 65,000 (880) usd .

    The pricing is absolutely bonkers.

  21. I think a lot of local storage on an iPad can be taken by games. Some mobile games these days are rather big (5-10 gigs at times) and the iPad, considering how powerful it is, is a great device for gaming.

  22. ipad air 4 and mini 5 is almost same when you compare them with procreate.
    I think Affinity Designer will also crashes here.
    and a hard core multitasking user needs at least 8gb ram. 3/4 isn't enough
    I maybe wrong. 🖤

  23. The craziest part about buying a 128GB (when not standard memory size) or 256GB is the resale value. If you try trading it in or selling your iPad, nobody considers the memory as a price factor so you might as well opt for 64GB.

  24. I hate, hate, hate it when someone tells me what I need or don’t need. If I want it and can afford it, then I need it if I say I do. You don’t get to tell me what I need. You don’t need a laptop or a phone or a car or a house. You can survive without any of those things.


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