6ix9ine Addresses Jim Jones On Clubhouse with Wack 100

Wack 100 & 6ix9ine Runs into #21Savage on Clubhouse “Things Go Left”

Wack 100 Tells 6ix9ine Better Not Run Into 600Breezy “Quando Rondo Still Around Breezo”

Wack 100 G Check 6ix9ine Over Lil Durk & King Von “They Really Like That”

Wack 100 G Check 6ix9ine Over #LilDurk & #KingVon “They Really Like That”

OG Damu Goes in On Wack100 Over 69 Interview “B Ain’t For Sale Homie”

OG Damu Goes in On #Wack100 Over #6ix9ine Interview “B Ain’t For Sale Homie”

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  1. 69 lying lol he didny say all that on the recording he didn't tell niggas how to shoot at security all he said was they can't carry guns and give they do they can pull them unless a gun was pulled out on them

  2. I no dude a ditch but if Jim ran wit them a decade before and all and u seen them messed up shouldn’t that have been a warning

  3. Damn jim jones a snitch too come on dog now I see why we never claimed you u ain't Rican and neither is 6ixnine he mexican and jones black simple that's why the kings whooped him and his securitys ass couple years ago

  4. Nobody don't question why he only did 2 years at almost getting chief keef killed 69 is a fuckin weirdo he told and talk crazy shit don't make no sense

  5. He's trying to make the shit he did and what Jim did on the phone call like the same shit that shit wouldn't have held up in court and if something would have happened to 69 yeah maybe but that shit was just suggested and that he be violated that can me a while bunch of shit .

  6. Yoo wack is WACK. You can never talk to no niqqas when facts is being brought up and they dont wana listen. Its wild. Everything 69 sayin is str8 FACTS! Even if yall dont want to believe it.

  7. 100 tho about I'm not being loyal if u ain't I'm not snitching but I also don't fuck with people like that do my dirt solo

  8. We fly high no lie and you know we SCOPIN everything you got and you know we TELLIN 😅🤣

  9. You can’t touch a man who is being watched by the Fedz? who is a known informant for the Fedz? so 6ix9ine can talk all of that shit and smack he wants to talk but we all know that if you touch 6ix9ine you definitely going to jail for a long long time he’s a known informant he snitched on his whole team

  10. Now that I'm here in this whole story it feels like 69 ran into a snitch nest did what he had to do you learn from the best

  11. Jim got caught with guns and pills in a car in ATL and got off the hook before all this 69 shit and didn’t do time.

  12. Actually, Danny is onto something.
    This is an orchestrated entrapment scheme, a sting operation, and they needed informants to make it work.
    Jim Jones is the informant.

  13. How hasn't he been smoked just by calling every one a n***a every 30 secs this confused fknclowns on another level hahahahaha

  14. Lol…… he knew all along it was about the money and dudes wasnt loyal to him. He knew it from the start because he PAID them to be there. What kind of love is that? He just decided to tell all once he got wrapped up and was about to be punished. If you knew dudes werent loyal to you you shouldnt have depended on them to hold you down in the streets. Snitch in my book.

  15. Hopefully this deters youngsters from joining gangs because if you my friend you not supposed to even look at my baby mama like that. There’s millions of other women. Why you want mine?

  16. There’s no honor amongst thieves….period…frank Matthews bout the only mainstream guy to get that honor


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