How to activate mobile plan on Samsung Galaxy Active 2(LTE) watch for Jio/Airtel user + watch review


  1. I tried on my own with your info. Watch got connected with Samsung mobile and I could make call without Bluetooth. But when I came back and put it in my iPhone it didnโ€™t work. Now I bought Jio prepaid sim but it is saying you have to activate mobile plan on watch fro Jio and those people donโ€™t know how to do it. They are saying it wonโ€™t work with iPhone

  2. Great idea you gave ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ one question that does you need to have esim enabled iPhone like xr or xs and other higher modes ? Because Samsung says you can connect iPhone 5 or later with ios 9 and above

  3. Plz help
    My jio sim connected with samsung galaxy watch 46mm and showing signal on top of watch. Bt not showing lte sign and mobile data symbol and is not able to make call without Bluetooth

  4. I've connected LTE(Airtel Postpaid) with my friend's Samsung phone. LTE connected successfully. But Now I'm unable to pair with my oneplus phone….
    please suggest how to connect with my oneplus now…

  5. Bro, this information is really great. I tried to follow this spare phone thing but when I login with mobile number option from drop down list, post that the steps aren't clear. Is is possible to post a video of connecting to spare phone first?

  6. Thank you for explaining so nicely, you've explained about Jio, I'm having Airtel Postpaid, could you please help how to connect with Airtel Postpaid as well…

  7. If I set up Samsung wear (on my pixel pro) with esim by scanning qr code for initial setup, Can I then connect Samsung wear to another phone (no esim capability) and use with Active2 LTE standalone. Will this affect receiving calls and text messages?

  8. Are you able to send and receive SMS using your galaxy watch LTE without connecting it to phone? I am using jio sim with my galaxy watch 4 and able to make and receive calls but not able to send and receive SMS.

  9. Thanks for the video Kapil. I am facing challenges with using bluetooth headset with the watch. While my headet is pairing with the watch and I have both call and media enabled in the settings. Whenever I do outgoing call or receive a call the voice can only be heard in the speakers , there is no voice output in the bluetooth headset, would you know any solution for the same

  10. bro talking about some features doesn't makes any sense as this isn't a review video but can you please share your experience about battery life, are there any lags or slow performance and is the storage and ram sufficient. As I'm thinking to buy one too and one more thing should I go for lte or nomal bluetooth variant (like personally for you does lte feature gets handy or you feel like it's ok if it's not there?)

  11. really confusing , i need the core steps of how to do LTE sharing from phone to Galaxy watch 3 , i followed the steps but it deactivated the SIM on my phone – that is absolutely ridiculous , can you please help with the steps to ensure that SIM on my phone does not get deactivated and eSIM on watch is enabled , no good information from any one to date – my phone is Samsung Note 9