Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra This is IT!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and in general the S22 series is getting close to be release and simply put, this is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!
The specs, the camera, the cpu like the exynoss 2200 and of course the snapdragon 8 gen1

For more info and renders check out LetsGoDigital

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Bad Battery life!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 revived!

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  1. I really want the ultra Version, but i dont want this s-pen. Why are they doing this with spen? 🙁

    Iam 100% sure they will regret this and the next s23 ultra will not have an s-pen… but for now its just bad.

  2. I personally am excited for the S22 Ultra. I have the Note 20 Ultra and besides the 120 Hz refresh rate, I liked my Note 10+ better. The jump to the Note 10+ from the Note 9 was big, in my opinion. That being said, I'm excited for the S22 Ultra because I am intrigued by the combinations of 120Hz, new Snapdragon processor, MORE MEMORY (128GB just aint it lol), and a 5000mA battery. I'm excited to see all of the "S" features combined with the "Note" features. I think that the Note 20 Ultra battery has been very disappointing. So, hopefully Samsung makes a "rebound" from that, in my eyes. Overall though, let's see!

  3. Hello, I have a question about smartphones. It's about all the companies that manufacture the smartphones. Why are there no smartphones with medical probes with which one can check the pulse rate, oxygen saturation, cardiogram, blood drum and sugar? It's really easy to integrate the whole thing into a smartphone. I don't understand where the problem is? Nothing new has been released for 8 years. What no sow needs is constantly being renewed. That's absurd. .n,-

  4. would have considered it despite the price increase for the ultra version, yet the curved display is a definitely no go

  5. You don't even have idea of what powers you have, by your designs, you generate hope 🙂 Always a fan 🙂

  6. Another reason for me to pass on Samsung this year would be for them to shrink the battery size . I have absolutely no use for the spen , so to take a hit on battery size for a feature I have no use for is another reason for me to skip Samsung again. So far the pixel 6 pro is in the lead for my next choice.

  7. Again you made what will be a garbage phone look epic 😅

    I like this design more than the regular one…but that's because this is basically the design of the LG Velvet and of old Sony phones. That's why it doesn't look that special. Other companies have made it – and better – before lol

    As for the phone itself…well, you already know why I think it'll be garbage and why I won't be buying it or recommending it.
    By now, if someone doesn't, they just need to pay more attention XD

  8. I would love to see new Nokia designs from you!
    Nokia 9.3, Nokia 10 and Nokia 7.3 were great!

  9. Im not sure…but I think this might be it! 😉

    Nice work as always, Jermaine!! Also that’s a lovely mug!


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