ChromeOS Flex: A Lifeline for Old Windows Laptops!

Google recently launched ChromeOS Flex that can be installed on Windows laptops as well as MacBooks. We tried ChromeOS Flex on a budget Windows laptop and we think it’s a gamechanger for old Windows laptops.

How to Install Chrome OS Flex on Your Windows PC, Laptop, and MacBook:

0:00 Intro
0:20 The Horrible Windows Experience on Budget Laptops
1:31 ChromeOS Flex Performance & Battery Improvements
2:58 ChromeOS Flex Features
3:47 ChromeOS + Android
4:21 Conclusion
5:00 How to Install ChromeOS Flex?

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  1. i've been using my laptop with a lot of bugs and whivh runs very slow and even takes minutes to take a command to the key i pressed, and to my surprise, i just out of blue saw the video of you guys abiut the chrome os flex and installed it to give it a try. Now here we go, with a super speed laptop infront. thanksto you guys on this one

  2. Hey man, how about the apps that working on Windows (Expl. photoshop, pagemaker, etc.)? Will they work on this platform too? Did you test it? How did you straightaway recommend this to public?

  3. Does this os supports windows apps? Or is there a way to emulate them? I want to install mswlogo software for my kid to learn, is that possible? I have a old Acer tablet..

  4. Windows is really dropping the ball on budget computers… A Celeron N4000 is compatible with windows 11 but a 6th gen or 7th gen core i3, i5, i7 isn't compatible 😭 To make things worse is these entry level Celeron laptops only come with 4GB RAM and usually a mechanic hard drive of some sort, all of which leads to a completely useless laptop brand new and fresh out the box. How is it that so many user friendly Linux distros and Chrome OS can run so good on old hardware but Windows is such a fat, hungry, pig while still running on "officially supported" hardware?