Google Adds a Material You Color Code Widget to its Android 12 Easter Egg

Google added the Android 12 Easter Egg earlier this year but in the Beta 5 update a new widget was also added as well.

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Video Description
In the Beta 5 update of Android 12 Google added a new feature to its easter egg that pulls color codes from its Material You theme engine.

This is available in the form of a widget but will not be visible until you activate the Easter Egg on your Android 12 device. If you’re like me and you activated it before, you’ll still need to activate it again if you installed the Beta 5 update afterwards.

So, once you trigger the Android 12 Easter Egg, go to the Home Screen and add a new widget to it. You should see a new category for this widget and it should come in a 1×1 or 1×2 form factor.

Once placed, it will pull some color codes from the Material You colors you have set. It doesn’t matter if your Material You theme is being pulled from the wallpaper or if you’ve selected a predetermined color palette.

You should go ahead and resize the widget too as that will introduce a LOT more color codes for you to choose from (as shown in the video).

So far, I’m not seeing much to this updated hidden feature, but it does make for a useful design tool.

Mentioned Links
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Full Tutorial
1. Intro [00:00]
2. Activate the Android 12 Easter Egg [00:42]
3. Drop the new Widget to the Home Screen [01:09]
4. Change the colors [01:55]
5. Resize the widget [02:23]
6. Copy or share the color codes [03:10]

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