RTX 3070 Ti for Mining (Hashrate, Overclocks & Profit for Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Firo & Ergo)

In this video I properly test my RTX 3070 Ti for mining. I review the hashrate, profitability and overclock settings for this GPU. I test all of these on multiple crypto coins including Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Firo, Ergo. I do this by first seeing what hashrate I get with the stock clocks on each coin. I the power limit the graphic cards to see what the best efficiency I can get with no overclock settings is. I then overclock the RTX 3070 ti to see both what the absolute highest hashrate I can get on each coin is, as well as the best possible efficiency. I do this for mining Ethereum, Ravencoin, Firo, Flux and Ergo. I then do a review of all the hashrate and efficiency numbers I found for mining on the RTX 3070ti. Finally, I take these numbers and look up the mining profitability for Ethereum, Ravencoin, Firo, Flux and Ergo on the RTX 3070 Ti.

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00:00 RTX 3070 Ti tested for mining
02:30 Ethereum mining hashrate, overclocks & efficiency on RTX 3070 Ti
06:05 RTX 3070 Ti Hashrate, overclocks & efficiency for Ravencoin & FIRO mining
09:46 ERGO mining hashrate, overclocks & efficiency on RTX 3070 Ti
12:08 RTX 3070 Ti Hashrate, overclocks & efficiency for FLUX mining
14:42 Full review of mining hashrates and efficiency for the RTX 3070 Ti
17:08 RTX 3070 Ti mining profitability for Ethereum, Ravencoin, Flux, Ergo & Firo

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  1. Do you have this GPU? What hashrates are you able to get? What are your overclock settings? Please let me know in the comments! Also subscribe so you don't miss the rest of my RTX 30-series tests!

  2. Wow very informative and i could make my mind to buy RTX 3070Ti. From INDIA. Let me know should i wait to buy 4070 or 3070Ti is better value as of now ?

  3. Great Video sir, I just bought Asus Tuf 370Ti and OC (CC-900, M-2600) applied.. but it gives max 40 mhs…. in Hiveos .. but other card giving 60mhs … Please help to get 60 mhs 😒

  4. Your videos are always so helpful, the very best I get on KAWPOW/Ravencoin with my 3070tis is between 38 and 41 Mh/s. I have tried a million configs.

  5. Gainward RTX 3070TI Core locked 1275Mhz , MemClock 1300 Mhz, LHR mode set 74 –> 60,5 MH/s @ 185 Watt (327KH/W) ETH

  6. When the Power Limit says: N/A what is going on? Best I can get is 53 M/H from an Evga 3070ti FTW3 Ultra

  7. What parameters do you use to enable lhr unlock? Is it -lhr 74 –lhr-mode 1?

    I always get confused on how many dashes and all of that.

  8. Can you making a 3070 ti Cortex mining video about oc and the resolts ? i think is very interesting coin to mine.

  9. Thx for the video, mi 3070ti makes 290KH/W at 57mH/s and i made the overclock with you, I love how you explain everything

  10. Is it normal for the Memory Temperature to run so hot while mining Ethereum? Kind of scares me. Never had a card run that high before.

  11. Hi Seb, I think I've seen somewhere in your videos tutorial about how to lock core clock in afterburner but cannot find it. Could you please help me on that?

  12. @Seb, how concerned are you with VRAM temps with the 3070TI, specifically with Ravencoin? While it's seems trivial to boost hash into the 40MH rate, VRAM temps easily spike into that critical 100c range. Based on the price of these GPU units, it seems like longevity of the hardware is the game. Would love to hear your thoughts on how to balance wear and tear on the GPU vs maximizing throughput in the immediate term.

  13. my 3070 ti is generating 0.000733 eth in 24 hr.. before that it was 0.0009+… @60mh…. my oc setting is memory [email protected], core clock locked @975, pwer limit 100%, please resolve why my eth generation is low


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