The BEST Games on SIDEQUEST and APP LAB you can get for your Quest.

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Special Thanks to Lipnox VR for pointing me in the right direction on Sidequest with some great suggestions.

How to get set up with Sidequest on your PC:

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  1. A game that makes you do burpees while wearing a headset…. Sounds expensive to me lol

  2. I don't reccomend ww1 plane fights or whatever, I bought it, all $20. Trust me, the graphics are so bad that it made me sick and I don't get motion sick, (except for this game) not fun. Trust me.

  3. App Lab is awesome. It takes a little searching to get the games to install but it lets you play unfinished, experimental games some for free. There isn't a ton of games on Oculus Store by default but that's because they have to pass quality testing I think

  4. Man's says it's unlikely we see blade and sorcery a mere 1 or 2 months before we see blade and sorcery

  5. Very nice! U should check out my Oculus Quest games. They are both free on Sidequest: LABORATORY SEVENTEEN, and
    Lmk what u think of them. Keep up the good work.

  6. Dislikes must have been for all the games he said was free or demos that weren't even in the sidequest store

  7. I hate how everyone left the quest 1 to die. All visual improvements are for quest 2, and a lot of really cool games are quest 2 only. It sucks for people like me who have a quest 1 as we have a much more limited selection of games 🙁

  8. Can anyone tell me how to get half life on my quest, I don’t have a gaming pc but if I buy it on steam on a laptop is that enough

  9. questzdoom should be here, its the original doom with 5 years worth of mods and maps all ready to re-explore in VR, its hilariously fun and addictive.

  10. Can I play Quake standalone? I have 1050ti and it wont work through Oculus Link except to move files.

  11. Your intro with the Back to the Future sound effects was awesome. Very informative video man thank you

  12. Do you have to have a good pc to run half life ? You think I could put it on a chrome book and then play on my quest ?


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