RTX 3070 TI LolMiner NBMiner GMiner T-Rex Miner

A test of the RTX 3070 TI ETH unlock using GMiner, Lolminer, T-Rex Miner and NBMiner. I really wanted to include MiniZ too, but after 6 hours of nothing worth anything, I gave up. I have also included unboxing of the Zotac RTX 3070 TI 😉

0:00 – Intro
0.12 – Unboxing the Zotac RTX 3070 TI
0:23 – The DIY 3070 TI
1:45 – RTX 3070 TI LOLMiner 1.34 ETH Unlock Hashrate
2:56 – RTX 3070 TI GMiner 2.70 ETH Unlock Hashrate
4:14 – RTX 3070 TI T-REX Miner 0.24.5 ETH Unlock Hashrate
5:41 – RTX 3070 TI NBMiner 39.7 ETH Unlock Hashrate
6:36 – Final Hashrate Results

Check out the full NBMiner 39.7 test here:

#NBMiner #LolMiner #GMiner #TREXMiner #LHRUnlock #gpumining #hashrate #cryptomining #ethmining
#ethereummining #ethereum

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  1. What about number of accepted shares on pool in each miner? For period of time, example 6 hours

  2. GMiner doing great in hive, looks to be a better kind of low power mode compared to nbMiner. Consumption is pretty stable 🙂 thanks for the review

  3. u're a great lad for making these videos. Thank you. Learned the wattage thing today, also thank you for replying to all of us.

  4. hey, nice video bro but im still wondering how on earth you able to get 82 degree celcius on memory temperature with +1150 memory clock. i tried to + 200 memory clock and the memory temp jumpin from 92 to 96 ish

  5. can you teach how to write lhr mode 2 in hive os? i can't change setting in hive os. always lhr mode 1

  6. Please I mine with Rx 5700 if I will buy Rtx 3070 ti can I use hlr commande on nbminer? To different GPU can work ? Thank you

  7. With 1 No. Zotac 3070Ti GPU, it works properly with T-Rex Miner (Stable) gives good MH/s by locking core. But, When I tried with my 5 Nos. Zotac 3070Ti GPUs, the fluctuations of MH/s is like 5 ~ 6 MH/s up & down in every few minutes. However, power consumption was locked in T-Rex BAT File. Also, coreclock & mem clock was fixed in batch file. I am getting around 254 ~ 258 MH/s with 179Watts per card. If there's any better settings, kindly let me know because when you have multiple GPUs of Zotac 3070Ti Amp holo, this is happening. Also, kindly tryw tih 5 ~ 6 GPUs Zotac Amp holo 3070Ti preferably & suggest (or) if you know anyone who can help, please suggest

  8. Is it not harmful for GPUs for having such fluctuations as seen in the video because i have tried in my GPUs, fluctuations are high. I have 5 GPUs of Zotac 3070Ti Amp Holo & having fluctuation 50 ~ 100 watts (All GPUs) up & down all together in my power meter. Please suggest, since it runs 24 x 7.

  9. Hi @CryptoDonkeyMiner, I want to ask for unlocked card whether phoenix miner is still relevant to use or the other miner listed here will provide better hash rate & stability?

  10. Hey mate, thanks for the hard work you put into these videos. That said, it's about time to man up and start using HiveOS 😉 Cheers.

  11. Is the Zotac 3070Ti only drawing 155 Watts for ~ 56.2 MH/s (or) it is under reporting ? Did you check your power meter ? I see it keeps fluctuating in power 130/139 Watts & sometimes 190/191 Watts ? In actual power meter is it actually fluctuating ? At least Is it stable at 181Watts ( 58.1 MH/s ) Mode 2 ? Please confirm

  12. Good recap CDM. Getting 59.5mh 3070 Ti EVGA XC3 at -200 Core, +1425 Mem and 72PL. Watts do jump around a bit from 190w to 205w

  13. Thanks for the video mate, was waiting for you to get 3070ti pity you couldnt test with RGB boost 🙁

  14. Nice video as always, always like to see someone testing all the available methods to offer a big view of what we can use based on the results.
    One question tho, you mentioned that you try to keep the vram under 90°C
    I have a 3080TI and the temperature is between 96-102°C with fans running at 90%
    Is it safe to run it like that or should I lower something to keep the temperatures lower?

  15. nice! you always get me off guard with your trademark humor and make me smile, good luck with spiderman.

  16. @CryptoDonkeyMiner, thanks for another informative video. I find it interesting that, after locking the core clock in the miner, subsequently adjusting core clock in MSI Afterburner does not change the core clock. Weird. So you're using CC adjustment to only change the core voltage? That's a brilliant idea.
    Now a question for you: I'd like to replicate this in HiveOS, but how can I adjust core voltage on NVidia GPUs? Do you have a video that covers that adjustment?




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