Switch Emulation (Yuzu) Guide for the Steam Deck

Switch emuluation is here and it’s wonderful. In this Yuzu guide, I go over connecting controllers, preparing files, installing the emulator, running it in Gaming Mode, and configuring some hotkeys using SteamInput.

I think it’s time to Ditch the Switch and Fan the Deck.

Yuzu Quickstart Guide:
Phawx Emulation Guide (Reddit):
Phawx Emulation Guide (
Gaming on Linux File Transfer Guide:
Gardiner Bryant File Transfer Guide:
Yuzu folder: /home/deck/.var/app/org.yuzu_emu.yuzu/data/yuzu/keys

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  1. My steamdeck will not show the Yuzu local file. I have tried manually typing it in and no luck. Why was it so easy for you? Seems others are also struggling finding the folder, steam has it hidden.

  2. Ninja Saviors isn’t a sequel to the SNES game. It’s a remake. It IS a sequel to Ninja Warriors original arcade game from 1987.

  3. Just a heads up, you said "I believe all modern consoles can read exFAT"… But unfortunately, that's not the case. The Switch can only open files with Write and Read-write permissions, so by technicality, it can't "read" exFAT. This is why, if you use an exFAT formatted SD card for long enough on the Switch, one or more of your games' data will corrupt, when the filesystem driver loses a handle to a file that's open for "reading" (but marked as dirty, because the file is open for writing!)
    The same thing can happen on FAT32, of course, but FAT32 retains a copy of the entire file allocation table that's only synced when files are closed. This means the Switch can recover from lost files on FAT32, but not on exFAT.
    This problem's been there since before the console launched in 2017, (pre-1.0.0,) and while they've done things to mitigate the issue, it's very much not gone, and they don't update the core filesystem driver often.

  4. I've been out of the emulation game for a long time but with a Deck on the way the idea is becoming more and more appealing, playing some old PS1/PS2 games would be great. I have a switch already but emulating that would be nice too. For older consoles ROMs were always relatively easy to find, how is it for Switch games these days?

  5. I highly doubt that this will be wide spread thing on a first place, but i simply love what people can do with this hardware

  6. I am super happy I no longer support Nintendo anymore! If they want to be so anti-consumer, so be it. At this point, it’s Nintendo‘s fault if they lose customers or the sales of the online shit pack goes down

    Also, I love how hypocritical Nintendo is they don’t want people to play their classic games on other systems due to emulation because in Nintendo‘s eyes, they see that is “Piracy“ but yet, they will shut down the shops for the 3DS, dsi, wii, an wiiu.

    Let that sink in for a moment. Nintendo the company that doesn’t want you to play their older games the way you want to, but they have no problem of shutting down really the only way to obtain these classic games legally. Hypocritical am I right?

  7. I can’t wait to play all of my switch games on my steam deck. No pun intended here, all hands on deck

  8. I know you probably won't see this and probably won't care if you do but I think "What's on Deck" or "Big Deck Energy" are much more captivating channel names than what you have currently. Just food for thought

  9. Can you put the file path for where to put the keys files as a comment, i can't find it at all and i don't understand why

  10. steam deck a flop

    don't copy Nintendo

    stealing Nintendo games

    don't worry Nintendo see everything

    Nintendo own there games

    gaming industry under threat by pirates and should be protected

    and people report trying to rip off Nintendo

    get it through your head play Nintendo games on Nintendo system you retarted

    Nintendo should sue anyone that shows how to install games on a steam system

    not only that steam should know what game are installed on your system and steam should ban your system

    stop riping of Nintendo it's a crime

  11. This must have Nintendo foaming to the mouth. They try so hard to fight pirating but we strike harder to the point we expose their laziness in what they sell.

  12. lol steam deck stealing Nintendo games

    massive law suits

    Nintendo own there games want to play buy Nintendo

    pc people are criminals don't steal Nintendo games

  13. Would you or anyone else recommend having all the game files and prod keys installed using a PC and then just inserting the same SD card into the Steam Deck and configure Yuzu there?

  14. I get you're using these games because they aren't Nintendo ip but could do with more clips of games with graphics comparable to ctr. It's not a good performance test if the game looks like it would run smoothly on snes hardware

  15. Why would i ditch my oled switch….
    Or give up my online play
    Or emulate those games that also can be played native through steam
    Or playing only few hours before the battery runs out
    Or the way it needs to be docked
    And so on…

    Steamdeck is a mess and wont replace my switch. I did order one to play those games that dont come out on switch.

  16. Wouldn't it be cool if Nintendo offered a steam deck app, I would even pay $20 for it or like $10 yearly. Then I could download download games I already owned and purchase new ones. Then they could add a physical cartridge slot available sold directly from Nintendo.

  17. Hey if your worried abt content being taken down you should sync your videos on Odysee as a method of backing up your content

  18. No Nintendo cannot come after you solely with emulation because it is legal and does not use the original source code of the switch. The ones that could go after you are the publishers of the games you featured which I highly doubt will. As long as none of their IP show up on your video, you're fine.

  19. i dont think they really have to come after you. You cant beat The Switch bcuz it isnt aimed at someone with the skills to get the emulator working. Steam Deck, Amd Ryzen, Linux…. are all far beyond the Switch. It doesnt even have the guts for amazing demanding games. Most Switch consoles are just given to kids , and youre not gonna give the coveted Steam Deck to a kid. So it becomes a waste of a fight for the underdog.

  20. Editing was a little janky here or there, but overall a great video! Thanks for helping grow the emulation community on the Deck!

  21. How do I do all of this without the switch in the first place? I'm preordering the Deck and it's estimated to arrive in q3 '22 but I've never owned a switch or deck before.

  22. I haven't pirated in 20 years and boy… Nintendo makes me want to steal every last piece of IP they have just to spite them.

  23. I'm still waiting for Golf Story for PC myself, got the roms and I gave it a try.
    Yep, it looks great! Can't wait to buy it. Any day now.

  24. The battery life of the Steam Deck sucks big time, plus is far from a portable system, I'll stick with my LITE 😉

  25. Liked and commented on this video. I do not plan on buying a Steam Deck, but F |_| ( |( Nintendo.


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