The All-New Super X Arcade Is an All In One Emulation System

In this video, we take a look at the all-new Super Arcade Console from KInHank the same creator behind the Super Console X and Pro! This is an all-in-one arcade stick with a built-in emulation console plus the arcade stick will also work with the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Raspberry Pi, and PC over USB!

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01:52-Tear Down
09:10-Final Thoughts

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Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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  1. they should have went with Opendingux and also used a fan instead of passive cooling ….that way devs could bring out the max. power of that chipset inside the machine

  2. I would’ve liked to see how well it’s used for Switch, PS4/5 & Xbox. I was thinking of getting that 8bitdo arcade stick which this thing resembles. If the stick is that good I see the emulation as a bonus

  3. Good video man, I will probably get one of the same as well but I was wondering, how would I connect a second controller wirelessly? I much rather play old awesome games with the retro joysticks then the Ps looking ones.. so I will probably get two of these . Cheers man, and I love old games just as much .

  4. Can you plug an 8bitDo retro style gamepad into the usb for snes, genesis etc? and will it detect/work?

  5. How do I play the fan made beat em ups? I'm a noob when it comes to current gen PC gaming (I use Steam).

  6. Can i connect other controllers to it to play two players with a friend and if so how?

  7. Can you imagine modding that out with an Nvidia Shield PCB? That would be totally worth it.

  8. How do you play 2 players ? Can you even play 2 players since it's 1 controller and system in one ?

  9. Looks like a knock off 8bitDo stick with a cheap emulator board inside. If you could upgrade the board it might be worth looking at

  10. I love how this looks like an 8bitdo arcade stick with a good frontend emuelec so this is probably going into my new house next year.

  11. Wow a ready-made emulation console that doesn't stretch 4:3 to 16:9 without anyway to change it! Kudos to KinHank!

  12. Hi Great review, I was thinking of buying a Super Console X Cube system but now this has come out i might have to rethink. Does the Arcade/Mame games and the Intellevision games play well on this system or did you come across any issues? Also how many games are there on the 256gb card, Is it the same as the other X systems? Would appreciate any help in helping me make up my mind which system to get. Regards Darren

  13. Can you connect another game pad to this to have 2 player on things like Streetfighter?

  14. It's kind of cool! But what about MULTIPLAYER? Is it possible to plug another stick/controller to it via USB or something?

    I find it surprising that it's not something mentioned on AliExpress, nor in this video (I think).

    Arcade is at its best when played with someone imho!

  15. What I'm thinking here is swapping out the heavy plate for some li-ion batteries to get the same weight distribution with remote power for free. I mean not free, you gotta buy the batteries, but the equivalent weight could power it for hours.

  16. Does it come with CRT filters or other scanlines options? Can they be added afterwards?

  17. Anyone know of an RPi based equivalent of a product like this? Either one player like this, or a 2p bartop? Would like to get something and connect some sinden light guns to it. Bonus points for track ball or pinball buttons.

  18. Can you use two i.e plug one into the other and use it as a second controller?

  19. Neat. Reminds me of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, though probably more powerful. Can it do Marvel vs Capcom 2?

  20. The main issue about KinHank products (this one and the Super Console X) is that they're making profit over someone's hard (and free) work.

    They're using SD card images nicely customised, configured and curated, distributed free of charge by a Brazilian guy called Galisteo without his authorization. The joystick logo and the boot video are from Galisteo's original work and these guys just wiped his name out to replace with their own.

    He spent (and keeps spending) countless hours to do such an amazing job to all emulation lovers and never charged the community before these guys started stealing his hard work. Now he's asking for donations to download popular image sizes but keeping 128GB and 16GB new releases free to download.

    Everyone knows what is better to do with their own money, of course. But I'd never give profit to people like that.

    And ETA Prime, I'm a big fan of your videos. Keep it up!




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