How To Install Windows 11 Raspberry Pi 4 / Pi400

In this video, I show you how to install and set up Windows 11 on The Raspberry zPi 4 or Pi400.
This will work from an Sd card but I recommend using a USB drive SSD or M.2 drive because it will definitely help out with performance.
This is not meant to be a daily driven OS for the Pi but it’s still really awesome that Windows 11 works on the Raspberry Pi!
I also show you how to overclock windows 11 on the pi to get a bit more performance out of it.

WOR Website for the downloads:


Items used in this Video:
Raspberry pi 4:

Optional Raspberry Pi 400:

Pi4 CPU Cooler:

240GB SSD:


Optional: Micro SD Card:

USB Drive:

TomsHardware has an awesome tutorial on booting from USB on the Pi4:

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01:25-Items needed
02:25-Setup and Downloads
08:53-How To Overclock Pi4 CPU
11:00-Windows 11 On The Raspberry Pi

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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This video and Channel and Video are for viewers 14 years older and up. This video is not made for viewers under the age of 14.

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  1. WOR is the type of project that deserves recognition. "on this website" should be "donate to WOR project".

  2. when i boot off sd card it cant see my keyboard and mouse and when i set it to boot off of usb even after updating firmware i get an INNACESSABLE BOOT DRIVE error

  3. I have gat an issue when I boot, Issue- ">> Start PXE over ipv4"

    PLEASE help me….how to fixed this issue 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I install all thing by follow this vedio but my device not boot
    It show a rainbow colour window
    My device is raspberry pi 3
    Pls help

  5. As of jan 8th 2022, I tried it on a raspberry pi4 B 2gb and although it loaded, ethernet didn't work and as a result I couldn't connect online no matter what I tried. (tried both with overclocking and without) Somehow it didn't recognize ethernet port. Then I tried the same procedure but used Windows(Final Vrsion) & Feature update to Windows 10, version 21H2 [arm64] and no overclocking, although it took a few hours It finally worked perfectly.

  6. i can not run the cmd file on my laptop bcause it says it is missing a "batch file" ?


  8. he forgot to mention if you have a anti virus your computer will die Avast now hates me

  9. is there any way to setup an older windows pc on a pi. i am locking for a way to play older games on my pc. windows xp 16bit games for example.

  10. If I have it installed on my old sony vio Hard drive will it boot if i hooked up the harddrive to my RP4 ? or would it not be compatible

  11. The site where you got the iso was taken off Wor. Also, windows defender attempts to block it from running. Is it nefarious?

  12. He said,

    Yeah some built in applications work very well, then immediately defaulted to Paint 😂

    Imagine rubbing your hands from all the excitement of setting this all up then after booting up only being able to use paint😂

  13. Thank you very much for sharing !! My pie is up and running, but during boot it goes through a PXE,IPv6,HTTP boot over IPv6,after it goes through this it boots up a normal. What do I need to do to make this not happen? Maybe it is okay,I figured I need to do something in the setup. Thanks Again

  14. nobody wants to install a stinking win OS on their raspberry pi 4 … that would be ridiculous …
    this is why I bought the Raspberry 4 — to get away from Win ….

  15. Thank you for this video! I got it working on my rpi 3b+ with a 32gb sd card. It's super slow but pretty awesome to have the latest operating system running on a tiny 40 dollar computer😁

  16. really cool video im thinkin on buyin a rapberry pi 400 do u know if wifi work on win 10 with the raspberry Unlike the win 11 ver shown on the video

  17. Bruh my i5 laptop cannot get more than 60 fps in fortnite in Raspberry Pi I am getting 120 fps (what's the point in having that laptop )

  18. Thank you for very helpful description
    My Pi us only 2Gb but the install was succesful at first ; using M.2 drive in USB3 enclosure; and RJ11 on Pi for ethernet; Win 11 seemed to function corectly but slowly; as expected with 2Gb
    I had Utube music video with audio from Pi 3.5mm connector;
    BUT ; next time i restarted it would not recognise network and only got as far as setting country and keyboard choice; this continues every time i try starting;;
    I can get command line and using windows/X i can access some settings but i dont know what is needed to make network active again. hoping somebody can advise
    Bill in Ireland

  19. Everything is the same except overclocking and I always get an unexpected error at the beginning of install.

  20. Hi, is it possible to use pi 4 as a AV receiver? Or a streeming divice Dolby Atmos DTSX possible ?

  21. This looks fun. Gonna try it later after I finish my work with a touchscreen rpi/kali Linux setup.

  22. Third attempet and always it freeze on first charge, differences beetwen ETA and me is I put in spanish versioan and Im trying with a 2gb model, that differences are important? Ty


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