How to IMPROVE Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Life!!

Now that we’ve covered improving performance, let’s maximize battery life with your Samsung Galaxy device! The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be used to show how to do so.
Enjoy the video!
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  1. please send link of good guardians. i cant find on galaxy store for s22 ultra

  2. Bruh the battery life kinda sucks on this phone but this video really helps, thanks! πŸ‘

  3. I've used rubber band to strap a battery pack to the back of My S22 works great now

  4. I always laugh when people call themselves "powerusers" they sound so stupid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yeah I game some on my phone, but I got a PS5 and a switch for actual gaming, yeah I write notes and do some small work on my phone, but I have a laptop for actual work, yeah I take pics with my phone, but I have a 1000 plus camera for actually photography, people getting phones and trying to do the most and then wondering why there battery life sucks is rediculous, if you wanna game ona phone without worrying about battery life, Samsung needs to allow passthrough charging like some gaming phones do, when you plug in your phone, it bypasses the battery and powers the phone directly, saving your battery from overcharging, heat, and longevity of the battery

  5. XD i have a better idea tur of ur phone and ur battery will hold mouch longer ….common if u turn of all those thing why u just not buying a mid range phone for 300 dollar ? XD

  6. using wqhd+ is a very slight increase in battery use. not enough to justify disabling it. most consumers purchase these phones to enjoy them at their fullest potential….we would have gotten the budget 150$ Moto G Power and reduced all the display and brightness settings if you want v to save battery. it doesn't even matter. every single phone nowadays recharges to full in just over an hour so forget that. I run phone at max best setting possible as I didn't pay 1000k$+ to then go ahead and reduce my settings.

  7. This is so stupid. You turning off all the reasons why you got the top of the line phone. You should just buy a $400 phone then.

  8. I couldn't find the setting with that 5g function, I looked but it isn't there. I am using the Samsung S22 ultra


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