Full LHR Unlock | T-Rex 0.24 | Eth + RVN | Eth + ERGO | RTX 3060, 3060ti, 3070, 3070ti, 3080, 3080ti

Crack #2 at the T-Rex full LHR unlock. This time I try out the monster build with a Nvidia RTX 3060, 3060ti, 3070, 3070ti, 3080, 3080ti.

Once again Ethereum plus Raven messed up. I was hoping that one card would work. Ethereum plus Ergo seemed to work well!

I compared all the revenue generated with each card on LHR 70% unlock, LHR unlock Eth+Ergo, and just using 100% speed on Raven. Please note that I was never able to get the 3060 or 3070 to work properly in this short test, but the results on the cards that did work are fairly consistent so it should be roughly the same for those cards.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 Base Raven Stats
1:17 Ethereum + Raven
5:00 Ethereum + Ergo
5:45 Financial Revenue Breakdown
9:50 PC Windows Ethereum + Ergo

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  1. Getting 46mh on 100% rvn compared to 30mh eth and 150mh ergo using dual mining. Which would result in a higher income and which is more profitable longterm?

  2. Did you find a solution to the problem you had when mining ETH + RVN ? My rig has the exact same problem. These messages appears : "lhr detected… resuming mining… trying to unlock" and hashrate just goes down.

  3. lol its funny my 3070s do more than 3080ti's hahahaaa
    btw .. more power ='s more locks.. use less power also i use 460.39 driver for 3060's and 3070's.. no problems..,.. 40mh with 3060's and my 3070's are non lhr (63mh) so.. all with trex
    and stop using power limits so much and so high.. use absolute core clocks to control power..

  4. Hi ! Whats your OC setting for the 3080 Ti on ETH+ERG on windows ? Thank you appreciaite your videos !

  5. Using 3070 TI –lhr-tune 35, clock curve through afterburner.+1400mhz on memory. PL 61, 31mhs on eth, 118mh on Ergo, 186w constant

  6. –lhr-tune 37 –lock-cclock 1250 –gpu-report-interval 10 –mclock 1400

    this is the current settings in the folder that i use, 6-3060, 1-3080

  7. How much produces 3070 Ti LHR mining ETH+RVN? I don't understand this
    Eth: 25mh/s (?)
    Rvn: ???
    Total power consumption?

  8. 1:12 I see your 3080 goes up to 50Mh in rvn my 3080 will goes only 46-47 mh what oc settings u r using can u suggest oc settings for windows?

  9. Question – at 1:06 in your video I notice that your 3080 ti (GPU #0) only goes up to 56 degrees. I tried a 3080 ti on RVN today, using T-Rex 0.24 (newest one) on the 2miners pool and the temperature went over 100 degrees (without overclocks). How do you cool your rig?

  10. I already running it on 8 3060 lhr for about 2 hours. Ergo in nicehash and eth. When i check ergo on nicehash, total hashrate 353 MHz on ergo and 98 MHz on eth. When mining ergo alone total hashrate around 830 MHz.

    When i check on the miner, it show around 74 MHz on ergo and around 12 MHz on eth. So total according to miner ergo around 600 MHz and 104 MHz on eth. BUT in Nicehash it shows around 353 MHz on ergo and around 98 MHz on eth.

    So I stop the dual mining mode and mining ergo alone.


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