Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S22 camera comparison! Should you upgrade?

S22 vs S21 camera! S21 vs S22 camera! Samsung S21 vs Samsung S22 camera! S21 vs S22 camera! Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S22 camera! S22 vs S21 camera! Samsung S22 vs Samsung S21 camera! Samsung Galaxy S22 review! Samsung S22 review! Samsung S21 review!

Hi everyone, this is JD, your gadget review friend.

Few weeks ago Samsung launched the newest S22 series and people are excited because of the upgrades on the camera sensors. Today were going to compare if S22 is a worthy upgrade from last years S21. Outside this comparison video, S21 is the cheaper and the older device but still a really good and solid flaship phone while S22 is the newest flagship of Samsung and obviously the talk of the town.

Samsung S21:
Natural looking compared to S22
Managed the highlights better

Samsung S22:
More saturated
More detailed
Better dynamic range
Manages the flaring better
Better portrait shot
Better night shot
Better optical zoom
Generally better video recording capability

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  1. Thank you for comparsion
    The 3x photo you put in video are actually sharper on S21

    (nothing wrong with it, S21 tele has a 13% smaller afov x pixel than S22 so it should have better magnification)

  2. Thank you, po! This is the exact review i needed to make my decision. I currently have an s21

  3. i have the s22. coming from the almost 3.5 yrs old huawei mate 20 with an old 4000mah battery, the s22 was a massive downgrade in battery life. i get 4-5 hrs of screen on time: on wifi 90% of the time, 4g the rest (off 5g), 60hz, power saving mode on all the time. the huawei mate 20 seems to last twice as long and i never had to turn off features or go on permanent power saving mode.

    Thats right, i bought a flagship and dropped all the settings to a mid range phone and STILL get bad battery life. basically paying for the cameras which are good. besides the atrocious battery life, the phone is good.

  4. no one likes pictures to crop to 300% to see the little details. Everyone paints pictures and sees the difference only in what the eye notices. It can be seen here that the S22 is not superior at all on the contrary. The only advantage is 3x optical zoom …. everything else is on the S21 side

  5. Very good comparison 👍
    I'm glad I bought the Galaxy S21+ 3 months ago.

    The difference with the S22 is not huge. So I saved my money. I know everyone has their own opinion. Sure,the S22 has some plusses,but it's not worth to upgrade. If you don't put them next to eachother,the difference is not to see. Thanks for your video! Best regards from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  6. I have the galaxy s21 and it still fine honestly for most peoples uses still, I am waiting for the s23 because it just is not worth the upgrade this year.

  7. Great video! How big is the difference in battery live between s21 and s22? I would like to upgrade, but for me is the battery life on s21 quite bad so I'm a bit scared that it will be worse. Thank you in advance for your response

  8. The S21 has bigger pixels 1.8microns
    I m confused which to buy for photos videos
    If I shoot photos n videos on the S22..can I edit them on lightroom.pjotoshop n Premier pro?

  9. Another great video. I am really looking forward to my S22 😁 btw i would say that the video stabilization is much better on S22 but s21 is still pretty good phone and there is no need to upgrade if you have one 💪

  10. Great video as always! If you have the S21 don't upgrade to the S22 but wait till the S23 comes out. The differences are not big enough I think.

  11. Bro please tell me about battery time , if i will watch video on YouTube or use Insta, can it drain very very fast? I pre-order s22 white

  12. I don't know but some of photos on s21 much better for me,Design not much 😊 but i think the pink color is a big deal🔥

  13. Would really like a s22 battery stress test with & without gaming or video playback


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