Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra BETTER than the Galaxy Z Fold 3!!! BIG Mistake?

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  1. For what it's worth brother I had the s22 ultra and I've had the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3. Only one remains the z-fold 3! I sold my Galaxy s22 ultra super quick it just didn't feel right and there's nothing that substitutes these two screens!

  2. Starting to REALLY like my z fold 3. Missing my lgv60 dual screen still but my fold 3 has De f grown on me

  3. I hope I haven't commented on this before and forgot – LOL! But I'm watching this video on my Z Fold 3 while having dinner at a restaurant and I'm thinking that I could never let my Z Fold 3 go. I have a Supcase Beetle Pro case with the S-Pen storage compartment. This case literally made me feel like I'd bought a whole new phone. As a Note user since the Note 2, I love the experience of being able to take notes in any situation and not lose the paper somewhere. All my notes are saved. And this huge screen on my Z Fold 3 combined with an S-Pen as well as the ability to store it in a case that I really like has made me a dedicated Z Fold 3 fan. I will admit though that the case really did push me over the edge. Samsung should have partnered with these folks and offered this case with the phone from the beginning. I have never bought new phones each year so I hope the screen on the ZF3 lasts until the ZF4 or 5 comes out. Cameras are nice but for me there is an imaginary line of quality that the Z Fold 3' camera's cross with ease. Better camera's are not deal breakers for me at all. To take a better pictures with an S-22 Ultra would mean I'd lose the ability to write notes on an iPad mini-sized screen that can also display Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. beautifully and then be folded in half and fit comfortable in my pocket. Too much to give up and not enough in return for me. The narrow outer screen is perfect for making/taking calls. And this is all I ever use it for except for appearances (I have a cool looking home screen for the outer screen). ZOOM meetings, other telecommunications, document editing – all much better on this huge screen. Even bought a foldable keyboard that fits in my pocket as easily as the phone. I don't have an S22 Ultra to compare to, but the fact that its screen is smaller is a deal breaker for me personally. Now if you don't need this screen size and camera quality is a must, then the S22 Ultra has to be the choice. But as for me and my house we will rock the Z Fold 3 for a while longer!

  4. I'm in the same dilemma I kept both and I'm using s22 ultra for work and using z fold 3 at home I traded in note 20 ultra and a moto razr 2020 they gave me $1,150 and I got the s22 ultra for $300 . I can't give up z fold 3 I love it .I have s22 ultra love it to .Wow what a problem to have

  5. Bro just keep z fold 3…I hear it in your voice…I'm debating the same thing but fighting the urge to pull the trigger on s22 ultra

  6. I am currently with fold 3 love it I can imagine trade in for fold 4 would be great.

  7. +J.Williams I would lean towards it being a mistake. A lot of what you're getting with Galaxy S22 Ultra you're gettint with the Galaxy Z Fold3, save for the camera set-up & built in S Pen.

  8. IDK, I'm planning to return the zfold3. I love the folding aspect but the size and aspect ratios are killing me. I had the fold 2 also but I'm starting to realized I dont need a folding phone on the go. I can run with a regular candy bar phone and just have a tablet at home while I'm relaxing. Typing on the fold 3 cover screen is a PIA and the cameras are sub-par for a flagship device.

  9. Damn wish I jumped on that offer for the tab s8 ultra and the s22 ultra. I ended paying $1000 bucks with zfold3 trade in for the s22 ultra and the s7+ instead….darn it!

  10. My fold display just failed when I dropped it – doh! I've been offered a refund, swap or exchange for something different and think I'm going S22 Ultra instead. Fold is great when you're using the big screen but I just don't use it enough – I'm basically using a thick phone with a narrow screen most of the time.

  11. Can't believe this is even a debate! ZFOLD3 IS GOD amongst phones nowadays…I pull this bad boy out anywhere I go & it immediately gains attention….Plus the features productivity and customization all in 1! Yea the s22 ultra is new and all but it still can't beat the true size and attention the fold gets!

  12. S22 ultra its good for typing if you do also camera and battery perfect in spite i don't use the pen it has a pen in his belly really it's worth.

  13. Well I would say I would never get a Z Fold 3 over the S22 Ultra but at the same time I would never leave the Z Fold 3 for the S22 Ultra… if that makes sense

  14. I traded my Zf3 and now have S22 ultra. No regrets at all. Until they make that front screen wider and lessen that awful crease which we know is possible then I’ll stick to Samsung’s candy bar smart phones

  15. I could never go back to a having a candy bar style phone. Yeah the S22 Ultra is an amazing device, but the Z fold 3 is an even more amazing device to me. It's also a good flashlight for working on things, I could keep going. This phone is more than a phone. It's really something different in an awesome way. I personally would never trade it in for the s22 ultra.

  16. I went in 100% committed to buying a s22 ultra last weekend and walked out with the z fold 3. I've been going back and fourth about returning it throughout this last week until my case came in from Amazon last makes the zf3 feel so much more complete. I found the perfect case (atleast for me) for this phone now I'm 100% committed to the fold

  17. So I initiated my trade in for the S22U. Just to test it out and see if if it's even comproble to my ZF3. I also have the S21U and that's the phone I use to take pics. I'm currently having an issue with my ZF3 where the screen protector is lifting down the crease but I know that's a easy fix. On the fence about this one. I love media consumption on the ZFS hate how delicate it is I really baby that phone I just miss being able to throw my phone around take it to the beach and in the shower. And cases are crap for the fold. But question I opted to trade my fold for the S22 if I changed my mind and kept the fold and sent in the s21 Instead what would happen?

  18. 2 ways to decide for which 1 better then the other, Fold 3 mainly for Tall narrow screen on the go when you are not using as a tablet just for regular use for main stuff, for apps etc watching and gaming when unfolding its big screen for bigger display outstanding performance decent camera battery I would say the phone is more fun & futuristic also beautiful design too..

    S22 Ultra is known for 1 big size phone & screen 5000 MAH Battery size but not sure how long battery lasts for thou beautiful elegant sleek squarey designs also easy to put away n use S Pen for noting n drawing on the go, gotta say gaming and watching is great for this model if your at work on holiday & home etc..

  19. I got rid of my z fold 3 with the quickness. That outer screen, phone getting hot, the extra weight, the size when folded, and battery life made the phone not worth it for me. The s22 is a much better phone imo. The z fold line needs a little more work to be top notch for me

  20. I'm in the same boat. I pre-ordered a custom S22 Ultra with a delivery date in April. I opted to trade in my Z Fold 3 because it there was an amazing pre-order bonus that netted me the custom S22 Ultra AND tab S8 Ultra for the price I paid for the Z Fold 3. Now being the impatient man I am when it comes to tech I bought a white S22 Ultra and a Tab S8 Ultra, just to try them out before hand. I can honestly say I'm not certain about my trade in either. The Tab S8 is a killer device a great update to what i have, and the S22 Ultra is a great device, but I'm not sure it's better than the Z Fold 3. I love have the Spen easily accessible, but I was using the Fold with ab Spen in my pocket or attached to a case. Inhave some time to decide on my final decision so I'm really gonna think about this one

  21. I kept my z fold I am think I would rather have my fold than my s22 I look at it as kinda a step back dispite the cons on the fold I still like the fold over the s22 I can't wait to find out what you decide to do have a good one man

  22. I have the zfold3 just renewed my son's contract for the ultra 22 plus and I'm soooo stuck because I hate carrying my zf3 stylus around 😑 but I'm a note fan and this is basically what the ultra is but I also do better not cracking or scratching the inside man I'm so stuck like chuck man!!

  23. There is nothing that's going to be better than the Z fold 3….. until the Z fold 4 comes out period.

  24. With some regret I just mailed in my z fold 3. I really like the s22 ultra. For me the battery life was not great on the fold and I felt the longer you have it the worse it would get.

  25. Just think about it the way it is. We've used same looking phones for over a decade now 😁 the only difference was faster processor, more ram, higher resolution of screen, more storage. Which unless you're a heavy phone gamer you won't use anyway. Now finally you got something that is a totally different concept, the fold 3. Boom, open it and you have a big beautiful screen, fold it back, there's your phone back. That's the reason why you having a hard time to get rid of it. Cause finally you have something different. Your mind is telling you, that you're just about to do exactly same thing you've done for the past 10+ years. Upgrading ram, cameras and battery 😁👌

  26. I’m keeping my ZFold3 Thom Browne Edition and just preordered a custom color S22 Ultra 512GB Sky Blue and a 1TB In Graphite as well

  27. I couldn't handle the size of the S22U after using it for about 6 hours. The Fold3 is just so big and beautiful the S22U felts like a downgrade. Sure the S22U has the Pen inside but that pen is so tiny and the Fold3's pen is so much better.

  28. I'm on the S22 Ultra, I'm hoping the Z Fold 4 is dust resistant, in my lone of work I can't have a phone that's not dust resistant.


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