NEW UPGRADES CONFIRMED – Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Tesla is bringing some massive upgrades and new features to the 2022 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Let’s break down all of the big changes and upgrades, including a new AMD Ryzen Processor, heated wipers, changes to the audio system, FSD, and more!


🔴 Sentry + Dashcam Drives 🔴
500GB –
1TB –
2TB –

TOPLight All Weather –

Frunk and Trunk Mats:
Frunk & Trunk –
Frunk Only –
Trunk Only –


Matte Antiglare –
Glossy –

Wireless Charger-
Taptes Wireless Charger –
USB Hub –

Trunk Organizer –

Carbon Fiber –
Matte Black –
Satin White –
Brushed Metal Black –
Carbon Fiber White –
Satin Black –

Portable Vacuum –

🎥 Full Dashcam Systems 🎥
Rexing –
TOGUARD Dual Cam System –

Improve your Wifi:
Eero ($100 off!) –
Orbi –
Google Nest Wifi –

↓ Model 3 Logo Decals ↓
Gloss Red –
Gloss Black –
Carbon Fiber Black –
Matte Black –
Brushed Black –
Brushed Steel –
Orange –
Green –

🖥 What’s on my desk? 🖥
Ben Q 32 Monitor –
27″ 5K iMac –
16″ Macbook Pro –
Apple Thunderbolt Monitor –
BenQ ScreenBar-
Razer Nomo Pro Speakers –
Keychron Keyboard –
Logitech MX Master 3 –

My Video Gear:
Canon R6 –
Canon 24-105 –
Atamos Ninja V –
Rode Procaster –
Mic Boom Arm –

Music from MusicBed. Get a FREE MONTH with this link –

Email – [email protected]
Twitter & Instagram – @robertrosenfeld

If you made it this far, thanks for watching!

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  1. I’m waiting for the 4680 cells to be in all production models, then I might get a new Model Y.

  2. I would hope that they would get double rear windows, 4680 battery, air suspension and better seats for Model 3 Performance in 2023 or through out this year.

  3. Personally I would prefer a auto lane change add on like the rear heated seats add on for SR+. It is the only feature I really want and it is way to expensive just for that.

  4. If Tesla is holding off to use up existing stock, they should start using the new components and send the legacy components to service centers to increase parts for customers.

  5. I took delivery on feb 4th 2022 model 3 standard range plus in California and I noticed the Ryzen chip. 🙂

  6. Here is what I would like to see: Navigation options like Waze or Google Maps, something that has live traffic and route options. Also, being a SiriusXM subscriber, I would really like to see this in an upcoming upgrade. I don't get it, it is in the S and X, but not the LR3? I pay for it and would continue to pay for it so WTF?

  7. Is there a date in which all Tesla 3’s had rizen processors put in when built? I ordered mine at the end of January and it’s supposed to arrive in March. Wondering what upgrades I’ll get?

  8. My M3 delivery is scheduled in two weeks in France. My TA announce me that I will get the AMD upgrade. Really impatient !

  9. Hello, thank you for your very informative videos. I would appreciate your advise regarding an apparent upgrade you do not mention in this video: the new 4680 batteries. I recently placed an order for a 2022 Model Y. Upon placing the order two weeks ago, I was given an estimated time of delivery between June 8 and July 10, 2022. However, much to my surprise, a couple of days ago my order was assigned a VIN and the estimated delivery changed to between February 18 and February 22, 2022. I was happy about the quicker delivery but having seen so many videos praising the apparent better quality and longer longevity of the new 4680 batteries, I was hoping to get a Model Y with these newer batteries. However, when I called Tesla to check what kind of battery the vehicle assigned to me had, I was told that it had the old 2170 batteries. Apparently, Tesla is trying get rid of existing vehicles equipped with the older batteries before releasing the new ones. I was told that I could put my order on “hold” until April (new quarter) when the likelihood of getting a vehicle equipped with the new 4680 batteries was higher. What would you advise I do? Are the new batteries so much better than the older as to merit a wait that could be very long (a Tesla Customer Service rep suggested that depending on many factors, I could very well be waiting until October for my car…)? Also, from multiple videos on the subject, I understand that the new batteries will make it cheaper for Tesla to build these cars, an advantage that does not necessarily translate into cheaper prices for consumers, at least not for those of us who have already placed an order. Therefore, other than the alleged longer longevity of the new batteries (and the apparent ability to continuously charge the vehicle to a 100% charge without affecting the battery) most advantages are for Tesla as a company and not necessarily for Tesla customers (at least not until these new batteries help bring down the price). Would you recommend I wait or take the one offered. Please advise. Thank you.

  10. Elon said NO on the earnings call regarding ability to transfer FSD to a different vehicle..

  11. Any thoughts on when we will see 4680 Models 3 and Y coming out of tesla Shanghai? The 4680 Panasonic deal is not set to produce 4680s until 2023. However it seems likely that CATL could be supplying 4680s to Tesla Shanghai within 3 months. As well, the online manual for Models Y for Australia has already been updated to refer to 4680 batteries

  12. Tesla will never apply FSD to an account, never. But they should allow a transfer of FSD for a small fee, should your Tesla need to be replaced from an accident or theft.

  13. The heated windshield thing is nice, but should extend to the door handles as well since they also freeze! I’ve had that issue and had to take a hair dryer to them (we parked the SR+ at the top of the driveway during snow – was able to charge from the house). If they’re going to bother with the windshield…


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