Reasons to buy (or not buy) an Intel CPU

In this video I weigh the reasons to buy a new Intel 11th Gen Core CPU vs the competition — AMD Ryzen 5000 series of course, as well as Intel’s 10th Gen Core CPUs.
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0:00 Intro
1:03 CPU Buying: Basic Considerations
2:02 8-CORES – 11700K and 11900K Review Aftermath
4:22 6-CORES – 11600K Review Aftermath
5:02 Reasons to buy an Intel 11th Gen 6-Core CPU
7:35 Other considerations – 10th Gen CPUs, Cooling
9:10 Reasons to wait – End-of-Life Platforms

11600K –
11700K –
11900K –
5600X –
5800X –
5900X –
11600K –
11700K –
11900K –
5600X –
5800X –
5900X –

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  1. If you want to jump to my very narrow definition of who should actually by an Intel 11th Gen Core CPU right now, it's at 5:02.
    Thanks to everyone who watched, and even to the people who downvoted or whatever because of the title — I stand by it. 🤷‍♂️
    See you Sunday for Tech News!

  2. Do you still think that AMD and Intel will release next-gen socket CPUs in 2021, or do you think that they'll be delayed until 2022?

  3. I’m upgrading for an i5-4690k to an i5-10600K that I scored for $180 the other day.

  4. I will stays in Intel when it comes to laptop. But not for desktop.

    Imagine that they eat away 4GB of your ram just for your gpu, and it can't even be set up and there is no performance tweak for it. So big no for me to amd in laptop.

    Random fanboy; UpGr4d3 Y0uR R4M R4T3RD!1!1!1!1!1!1
    Me: warranty ain't work like that dimwit

  5. I'd say for Intel the 10700, 11400, 11500 and 11600 are worth wild at their price ranges. I heard people should avoid the 11700 and 11900 like the plague.

  6. I just don't trust AMD when it comes to stability, compatibility, and connectivity.

  7. To buy intel ? Lol. If anyone wants to buy an intel probably go for last generation cos the new generation completely rubbish!

  8. I still have my GTX1070 so I'm gonna go AMD and ride out my 5 year old GPU until I can get a GPU at MSRP

  9. AMD can suck balls. Their prices are through the roof comparatively speaking. Dollar per performance, you can't beat Intel right now.

  10. In Canada the i9-10900kf is cheaper than a i7-10700k by a good 100$, and almost half the price of AMD 5900x and a good 100-200$ les than a 5800x. No reason to not get a 10th gen discounted CPU over anything else from Intel or AMD.

  11. I went 11700k for the 8 cores, pcie4, direcxtx 12.1, uhd 750 igpu and the 5333mhz mem speed. This thing will shit all over a 10700k or 5800x lol

  12. I had no idea AM4 is already nearing end of life. That's good to know, I'm still on DDR3 lmao might as well wait if we're going up to DDR5 too now.

  13. I'm so stuck! I want to game in 4k 60fps and I was going to try for a 5600x but not willing to pay over RRP. So I was waiting but then I seen the 11400F and was blown away by the price and how close it is to the 5600x. Would u recommend this or spend the bit extra to get a better cpu? I am tempted to wait for PCI4 and DDR5 but I don't really know how long I'll be waiting and I have a horrible feeling that will be really expensive lol

  14. Honestly the most compelling offering in the whole line-up is probably the 11400F because its in a price bracket where AMD is currently not offering anything current-gen and its traditional CPUs that have dominated that segment of the market (1600AF, 2600, 3300x) are all short on stock and, at long last, are soundly beaten in performance. But make no mistake, almost everything above the 11400 is basically redundant…or they would be if supply could meet demand.

  15. Thanks for the very informative video. I've been struggling over which to buy the Intel or AMD CPU's!! Looks like for me since I'm going to use the new machine primarily for gaming would be the I5 11600K. I guess it's a mute point if there are no GBU's available!! Again thanks for your review!!

  16. AMD releasing zen3 starting at 300 dollars for a 6 core part, is like if Intel released the newest node on HEDT first. Even they have always released the newest node all the way down to the 2 cores on desktop with this years pentium/i3 refresh being the first time thats different, and thats just because RKL is a stopgap, and at least RKL doesn't start at 300. Im tired of people making excuses as to why this is supposedly AOK, especially during a silicon shortage. You can't convice me for a second there are no ccds with less than 6 good cores being binned out. They have good yields sure, but not anywhere near 14nm++++++++++++ yields and Intel is still finding silicon to use for i3 and pentium. Guess this is karma coming back and biting AMD for outsourcing.

  17. 11400, 11600 or 5600x? Easy, 11400. Differences in gaming can't be seen without fps counter. Having said that… 5800x is readily available here and not marked up. I almost would pay extra to give Intel the birdie and have possibly of upgrading to Ryzen 9 in the future.

  18. Does it make sense for futureproofing. You get the best board worst chip and ram. Then you update the other components later. For it to be futureproof the top CPU will come into play in approx. 5 years. Does the six core chip make sense now, and does the top CPU give you enough head room in the future, compared to AMD?

  19. No one talks about Intel motherboard costs. Have those gone down? Have AMD motherboards gone up enough to equal them? Even when Intel was sort of competitive with the 3000 series line up in cost it used to be that the mobo would push you over the edge. Heck, even in the 2000 series days it often time made more sense to go with a more expensive AMD CPU just because it balanced out at the end with a lower end Intel chip + Z mobo.

  20. I feel the 11700K is the best price to performance intel chip because you can get a cheap B560 Mobo.

  21. 10 minutes to just say their in stock. 🤣🤣 Honestly still don't make it a good buy.

  22. Yes, I took the plunge and bought INTEL. A XEON E5-2678V3 (12 core, 24 thread) with turbo boost unlock delivering all cores to 3.3Ghz. Price…US$ 93, delivered. A HuananZhi X99TF motherboard (4 slots DDR3, 4 slots DDR4) fitted with 4x8GB of desktop DDR3 1600 in QUAD channel. Motherboard Price…US$100 plus $12 delivery. RAM was purchased used (Mushkin Redline, 32GB over four sticks for $120)

    Nicely paired with a venerable GTX 1080Ti (purchased last NOV for $350), it does a wonderful job. Runs cool with a SNOWMAN dual 120mm RGB fan 6x6mm pipe CPU cooler plus RGB top-plate ($37). Never goes above 60C when fully stressed. Boots Win10Pro from its primary NVME m.2 slot (a secondary NVME m.2 is also present for expansion). Wifi/BT via its m.2 slot for that purpose. Active cooling of its VRM heatsink keeps power to the CPU very cool.

    Excellent for productivity and a solid gamer.

  23. I got a 10850k with z590 board and lovin every bit of it. Still waiting on graphics card.

  24. Yes because the fucking scalpers are taking every amd CPU they find and thereby increasing the prices

  25. I just got the 10850 K for 400 And I don’t think I it’s worth upgrading to 11 gen

  26. TLDR; get Intel if you're building a PC for gaming, but you're not gaming and using it for work.

  27. A good reason would be to upgrade an Intel setup. A switch to amd would cost the extra price of a motherboard. Whereas saving this amount of money and adding it to a CPU could allow to buy a better one.

  28. Damn. From the title, I was legitimately expecting this to be an April Fool's prank.

  29. They don't look too bad to me. I use my computers for 2D drawing and need a fast single thread speed as the software does things sequentially. The i5-11600K looks like good value on the cpubenchmark single thread test.

  30. Welp, I upgraded to an z590/Ryzen 7 5800X from an Intel z270/7700K and again I shot myself in the bleeping foot with another dead socket within a year. Yay!

  31. 4:19 Gee I paid less for my 3700X almost 12 months ago ($294). I guess building a PC 10-12 months ago was the best time to do so. I also had little problem buying a GPU back then (EVGA 2070 Super for $509). It was just a matter of finding a good deal on one.

  32. NR. 1 REASON to buy Intel ……………… You need to have massive brain damage !

  33. I expected a 45s video, 20s intro+ shoutout, 20s outro and 5s saying loud and clear "none"

    (Preemptively) It's a joke…calm your keys

  34. If you pretty much just game, the 10700k is probably the best value especially if you live near a microcenter.


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