Handheld Emulators are GOOD now?

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The old Retroid Pocket 2 suffered from a lot of the same issues most portable emulators do. The NEW Retroid Pocket PLUS fixes MOST of those issues. Are these things getting good again? EVEN the CHEAP ones???


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  1. For me this is the true step up worth buying from a budget standpoint coming from a Dingo A380. It nails down N64 Waverace64, a benchmark for budget emulator handhelds.

  2. I'm always stuck in between "Do I want to play all the gameboy color games" and "I want to play Zelda Windwaker really bad!" I've been going back and forth between handheld emulators.

  3. I picked one of these up and have been playing Goldeneye 64 nonstop — this thing is super light, great battery, easy to throw in a blazer pocket. Worth it for that reason alone for me.

  4. I LOVE portable emulation since I've modded my PSP in 2011 and now2DS.
    But this Retroid Pocket 2+ thing…..mmmm…. I could think about it

  5. I don't think people understand how little 1$100 dollars gets you these days, this is the best bang for your buck with handheld emulators!

  6. Unzip the 7z folders and then drag and drop th unzipped folder to the Saturn folder and then you can play Saturn games on the reotrid 2 plus

  7. the RG350 is probably the best handheld emulator and is only really limited by the emulators it can run. and this is basically that with a touch screen and other minor upgrades.

  8. Could we just use old phones and 3d print custom cases for it and turn it into an emumachine portable ourselves? Over simplified I know but with effort would it be worth it to buy or build one in the end?

  9. I think a whole lot of this discussion has come down to "What systems do you want to play?" because that was really the defining line with most of these. For me, I don't care so much about newer or more powerful systems, I mostly want to play GBA games, and some NES, SNES and Genesis. So for me, the RG350P is powerful enough to play the games I want. I bought mine a year or two ago when these handheld emulators were still either very limited or very pricey so $90 on Amazon for a RG350P was a good compromise between price and power that met my needs.

    But then you go and make a video like this and make me wish I had waited. Lol I love my RG350P and I've gotten a lot of use out of it since I got it, but I like the idea of an Android-based system with a touch screen. And able to play N64, for only $10 more than what I paid for mine a year ago? That's pretty great.

    I don't think I'll upgrade any time soon, because $100 is still a lot of money when I already have a system that will play most of the games I want. But in a year or two, if my RG350P wears out or if emulation gets better for Gamecube, 3DS, PS2, etc then yeah I'll probably be pretty tempted. I like the format of having a dedicated handheld rather than just an Android phone or tablet to play games, it just seems like handhelds are currently juuuuuuust barely not powerful enough to get me to upgrade.

    Get me a handheld emulator that can play Disgaea, Stardew Valley and Pokémon Ultra Moon all on the same device and I'll be there.

  10. * I take a drink *
    Bobdad: "C'mere, son."

    Not cool, Bahb. Now there's Bang Star Blast all over my desk.

  11. Actually, using my smartphone ( + 8bit sn30 pro+ ) for portable emulation. I'd love a dedicated device, but shipping time, 3ds emulation and retro-achievements bring me to phone emulation

  12. Again, with the not putting links to the topic in the description or a pinned comment.
    It’s the little things that matter, Bob! Jeez!

  13. Don't know why they don't take out the 32 gigs and put in a microSD connector.. should cut down the price perhaps even and then you can store a 1TB.

  14. whats that game at the part where youre talking about the dreamcast and its like sonic on a skateboard or whatever going through the streets

  15. Hmm. I’m considering getting one of these but you said it only has 32gb of storage? I’d want to use it for a bunch of ps1, N64 and Dreamcast games so I’m worried that like 5 games would fill it. Unless you can just put a large micro sd card in it?

  16. Also plays some ps2 games, you forgot that, plus new update a few weeks ago makes gamecube emulator way better

  17. Got mine a month ago and enjoy every bit of it. Currently playing Shenmue again, that runs as if I'm playing it on DC. I also own a RP2 but only used it for a couple of days. Didn't run that great and the lack of a touchscreen was unforgivable. It just ruined the experience of a device I want to pick up and play without having to do a workaround every time.
    RP2+ is great!

  18. I bought a Razer Phone 2 for cheap cheap and it outperforms all the 'modern' handhelds i've looked at. might be helpful to people not considering gaming phones as emulation stations.

  19. Retroarch is really bad at DS emulation no matter the core. Retroarch is at least a bit worse than any dedicated emulator. My original pocket 2 plays DS games at full speed using the Drastic DS emulator and can run Saturn just fine most of the time using Yaba Sanshiro. I can even play a handful of gamecube games at full speed using Dolphin MMJ over the standard version. Dear god Wulff please do the bare minimum research before doing a review.

    You also forgot to mention that if you buy the upgrade kit from the original 2 it also comes with a custom acrylic case that you put your old motherboard in and turns it into a TV set top box. Its really nifty.

  20. You forgot to mention that if you buy the upgrade kit from the original 2 it also comes with a custom acrylic case that you put your old motherboard in and turns it into a TV set top box. Its really nifty.

  21. me doing an assignment while hearing this video but I always watch the sponsors and the sponsor of today was so random I was shocked and laughing 🤣

  22. can you make a video comparison with emulators vs android phone plus those controllers that are like joy cons?

  23. Recent update as of a couple days ago 1.08 really helped fine tune the RP2+


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