A week with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3!

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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  1. I'm late to the game, I just brought mine three days ago and I absolutely love it. The best phone I ever had and I was an apple customer. I was gonna get the iPhone 13 pro max but I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, I brought the black one 512gb. Just awesome.

  2. I just got mine last Thursday direct from Samsung. Traded in my s21 and Tab s7+; and got $750 knocked off the price. I also got free Buds 2, wireless charger, and silicone case. I'm loving this phone so far; it's a multi-tasking beast!

  3. Samsung is on the right track here. I still love my Note 10 plus but if the Zfold gets a little wider and a little thinner I am seeing myself joining the team.

  4. I use the small screen on this phone way more than I thought I would. It is a fantastic phone. A internal slot for a sPen and a slot for an SD card would make this phone perfect.

  5. Hi J Williams. I've been having problems with the touchscreen on my Z fold 3. Every time I try to click on an app, it doesn't register properly. I have to try a lot to get app to work. When i pull the tab on the right out and try to get an app from the tab, it takes forever. The screen seems to slide all around. Have you experienced that yet??

  6. Right you are! Jaw drop 😂 to the point I feel shy to open phone infront of other people 😀

  7. Well OPPO FIND N is impressive & practical dimensions wise but other than that ..ummmmmm . aa. aa mm NO !!!!!

  8. when i first got it i was pissed, i was going to return the phone until i gave it a chance and the phone learned my usage pattern. i limit the battery to 85% and gotten 5 hours and 50 mins of screen on time just with 85% i F%#$KNG LOVE MY PHONE

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  10. While the Oppo Find N has its charms in the hardware aspect, I don't think it is better than the Fold 3, especially that it needs a bit more work in the software optimization aka third party apps orientation and flex mode only working for first party apps. Not to mention the cover screen is only 60hz which can feel weird after using the inner 120hz display.

  11. Puhh Screen On is pretty Bad.
    Most people complaining about the Flip 3 Battery, but the Fold ist even more worse

  12. It's the finish on that wood table that makes these reviews pop! 😁😎

    Anyway, in regards to the z-fold: it's the fact that it actually folds that's a deal-breaker for me. It's a horizontal flip phone with a ginormous screen. I can't stand moving parts (there's more room for damage with moving parts).

    I don't doubt the bells and whistles on this phone are excellent but I'll have to pass on anything folding, flipping or moving in any way.

  13. Thanks J… I was definitely on the fence and I think I'm about to part with my Note!!!!! I'm excited!!!! But I like not having to carry a wallet so I use a wallet case…. Are there any for the Fold cases that attaches to the back?

  14. I finally gave in! Ordered one from Best Buy and snagged it for a little over a thousand. I refused to give up my Note 20 Ultra tho. S22 Ultra Note device sounds interesting however I don't see how it can be much different from last year's device. So, I decided to completely change the game and prepare of the next s pen inside of a foldable in the near future….well, I hope. Thanks J. I look forward to playing with z fold tomorrow.

  15. J, whatever happened to that cool Soapiguard graffiti style skin you were rocking? It was cool man.

  16. Probably I'm the only one that spent outright the total price of my silver Z Fold 3 512GB which was here in UK 1700£… but a few days later I sold my Note 20 ultra in 700£ so I retrieved part of my money back. Anyway I love my Z fold 3 and is my main device. I have it since September and has been great overall. Some people have seem me with it but they haven't been blown away (just a few cases). I'm looking forward for the Z fold 4 and the galaxy watch 4 classic next year.

  17. Great video.. but I understand why people are pointing you to the Oppo find n. Expensive but for a techie, you need that phone in your collection. Best form factor I've seen for a folding device. Oppo nailed it. Do it , do it do it… 😃

  18. Hope you get the Find N, Jay. What's funny is these foldables might seem cool and fresh now. But by 2023, they'll be so common. Think Apple Watch in 2015. By 2017, everyone was wearing a smart watch.

  19. I personally think Find N nailed the form factor but the Fold 3 still has the bigger inner display in widescreen and the software is more refined and proven. I actually like One UI way more than I did for TouchWiz.

  20. I personally think Find N nailed the form factor but the Fold 3 still has the bigger inner display in widescreen and the software is more refined and proven. I actually like One UI way more than I did for TouchWiz.

  21. Love the video and same here I got the z flip three in the battery's been ridiculously good. I say this phone's battery even though for a smaller 3300 for the battery this phone I just charged just as much as the s20 ultra and I have a 5,000 battery the AI is getting smarter and smarter just wait until the flip phones managed to hold 4,000 on the z flip and about 4,500 to 5,000 on the z-fold.

  22. I've had my phantom black version for 3 months now and I love it. Great phone. My battery lasts about 4 hours to 5 hours too. I use mine hard. I can be on my phone for 5 hours a clip so I recharge it at least once a day. I always have a power pack with me so I'm not worried about needing power.

  23. thats a nice phone j i would love to have that i just go to the beach alot in the summer and i would be crazy nervous with that and you know me im samsung 4 life anyway merry christmas j have a good one

  24. I'm waiting until the Galaxy s22 ultra comes out. Then I'm going to trade up and trade my s21 ultra

  25. I agree I think people misunderstand the use of the outer screen. I enjoy the outer screen and actually use it more than I thought. I basically type with one hand and when speaking on the phone it feels great because it is narrow

  26. With 120hz I get around 5- 6hz although I am on 4g and no data active, full time connected to WiFi and Bluetooth always on

  27. With 60hz I get around 8 hours screen on time 100%- 0% with plenty of YouTube and around 40min call of duty and some calls and Webbrowsing

  28. Love my Folds with a thin carbon fiber case. Merry Christmas to you and the family!

  29. I got a phantom silver, 512GB for £1095, new from eBay – very impressed but camera wise, I still prefer my iPhone 13 pro.

  30. The battery you have to nurse through the day a little. I'm flipping between the fold 3 and the s21 ultra . Really happy with it . That screen size noting compares

  31. You guys in the US are so spoiled 🙂
    The price here in Norway right now is for a 256gig version 19490NKr ~ 2204USD incl. all taxes, and 2317 USD for the 512 gig version.
    There is right now a Chromebook GO included in the price, but still…it's just not fair😭

    J.Will: Good video you gave us 👍.
    Have a merry Christmas ( Ha en god jul…in Norwegian 🙂 )

  32. Snagged one today thanks to you! Phantom Silver! So glad I been patient and came across your video and with that price I pulled the trigger. Great reviews and feedback J!

  33. Picked mine up a week ago. Getting 5 1/2 hours SOT compared to 6 1/4 hours on my S21 Ultra. Both well within what I consider acceptable for what they bring in terms of screen size and refresh rate.

  34. Device been awesome I ended up doing the pre Thanksgiving deal with Samsung traded my note this device is badass

  35. I purchased the zfold 3 from best buy today for $745 with trade in of my note 20..💪🏾💪🏾


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