Chrome OS Flex | EVERYTHING You Need To Know! (NEW)

Chrome OS Flex is a NEW and superfast, Linux-based operating system created by Google. It is a web-first system meaning it focuses on working with web applications. Google’s Chrome browser is the central element of this operating system. Chrome OS Flex, is a completely different way of using a computer. It is a simple, fast, and secure operating system that is designed for the modern, always-connected world. It’s just brilliant. You don’t worry about updates, battery life, or your files with Chrome OS.
Rather You work faster, play better and this amazing experience is now available right on Your computers with Chrome OS Flex.

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0:00 Intro
1:02 What is Chrome OS Flex
1:55 User Interface
4:57 Performance
6:50 Apps
8:07 Linux Apps
9:15 Entertainment and Games
10:34 Advantages and Disadvantages
11:45 Who should use Chrome OS Flex
12:49 Differences between Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex
14:14 Installation
15:14 My Personal Thoughts

Is Chrome OS Flex free?
Yes. Chrome OS Flex is Free to download and use.

What is Chrome OS Flex?
Chrome OS Flex is a lightweight, cloud centric operating system for macs and PCs.

Can you get Google Play on Chrome OS Flex?

Is Google Drive available on Chrome OS Flex?
Yes. Google Drive is available on Chrome OS Flex

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome OS?
Android Apps are available on Chrome OS but not available on Chrome OS Flex.

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  1. Chrome OS is the best OS I've ever seen!…it's a google success!…and Flex well it looks even better

  2. This was an excellent video describing the new chromeos flex software, I was previously running neverware cloudready software on my 'certified' model lenovo thinkpad X131e chromebook. One morning when I decided to check for software updates, much to my surprise I received a notification that I was going to be updated to the chromeos flex software. I was actually surprised, I've been having a few minor issues such as I can't change release channels for some reason without performing a powerwash procedure. That procedure lasts for awhile but eventually I'm once again unable to switch channels again, also on a 'normal' system you are normally able to type chrome://flags/ into an empty address bar and then a new window opens up with a list of experimental flags showing on it. Right now when I do this the page opens but the only two things showing on it is the 'search for flags' search box & the 'reset all flags' button, no experimental flags list is displayed just a blank page, I can't understand why.

  3. How much space taken by os
    From your video
    Point is some people use many four wheeler .
    So we need all os or need to learn . Such as linux crome os . It is need of time.

  4. Maybe people should just chose 1 of many Linux Distributions and have way more fun – for free…

  5. Just use a 'proper' linux distro….
    Honestly, I don't see the point in running linux containers inside a linux system. The performance is terrible. At one point you may stumble accross a situation where you would see yourself needing to use traditional programs instead of web apps. Sure, they have come a long way since but all of them have a truckload of features missing compared to their native application counterparts. This issue was partly solved by chrome OS which allowed us to run android applications in nicely integrated container systems, flex doesn't even provide for that. But as the video states, it has its special use cases…. ( ̄┰ ̄*)

  6. Even you said ok google also worked on my phone, i try to repeat if it is just an accident but it really triggered my Android

  7. Great video. Tons of information with no fluff. Thank you. So many videos are filled with random talk and not enough facts. Thanks.

  8. I was a chrome os user for a couple of years, but eventually you miss having a real OS with actual software. I wasn't going back to Windows so I switched to Mac. I miss downloading and trying new software of various kinds, I miss playing some games that you can store locally. chrome OS is a good operation system but its too boring for my liking.

  9. Sounds like the perfect tool to make a media hub PC and connect it to a TV. If it can stream to screens it would be even better. I'm deffinetely eager to try after this vid.

  10. You can setup an bootable USB with Chrome OS Flex under Linux, you can download the same Recovery tool for Linux and run it in the terminal.

  11. Not a big fan of cloud services in general, maybe a good option for people who like to just browse web and watch YouTube

  12. Crome os is useless. Install if you use pc /lap only for browsing and and entertainment.

  13. my laptop has total storage of 1000gb and it is 8gb ram and it works superfast better than windows

  14. Just want to ask if you can download apps from chrome and hp apps, also does touchscreen work?

  15. Why no ChromeOS reviews talk about it's terminal?
    Does it even exist?


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