Starlink Portability Official! $25/mo Add-On for RV & Boat Use

Just yesterday we reported that SpaceX was likely on the verge of officially rolling out a paid Portability feature, allowing Starlink customers to roam.
And last night – the feature officially launched.

And – unsurprisingly – it comes with a price tag attached: $25/mo.

And as portability rolls out, the current automatic and free roaming is coming to an end in June.

Starlink’s updated FAQ and terms of service reveal a few other interesting details too – including a major change related to in-motion usage now being grounds for canceling your account.

For the full story:

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  1. The whole starlink thing pisses me off. They took preorders from people, then without ever delivering them service or equipment jacked the equipment price and service fee, all while using those people's money as a no interest loan. Now to top it off they can miraculously squeeze in some extra people through the RV program, squeeze $25 more per month and give less service. You have to be a sucker to signup with these a-holes.

  2. Anyone who signs up for this scam with the "RV Starlink" should not be aloud to complain in the future. What this is doing is getting customers to voluntarily accept paying $25 more per month than residential customers while agreeing to no minimum standard of speeds or service.

  3. Received Starlink kit 3 weeks ago. We are MIRC’s most technically incompetent member, yet for the past 5 years have successfully worked remotely following MIRC’s suggestions (redundancy, redundancy, redundancy). So far we have only moved about 250 miles, Starlink seems to be incredible, beyond belief. Following the redundancy rule, we have our 2 proven systems with Starlink in test. Maybe in a few months we may drop one of the proven systems bringing Starlink as the preferred. In a couple months we will be in a National Park, that will be the test, actually being able to stay in the more remote areas of the parks with service will be a game changer. As always Thank You

  4. The cost for Starlink is to high. Really. 100€$ is okay but more is really a rip off

  5. As a snowbird, Canadian resident, I was very interested in getting Starlink, but after reading more of the limitations and emailed tech support, it’s not a workable solution at this time. If you purchased the kit in Canada, then headed down to the USA for the winter, enabled the portability feature, you only get 2 months, after that 2 months you have to change your service address. But, you can’t change it to a USA address because the kit is registered in Canada. Supposedly, the kits have different certification for USA and Canada, tech support confirmed this. So I’m assuming this same policy works for USA citizens wanting to travel in Mexico or Canada for over the 2 month period. They would be unable to change their service address as they are trying to register in a foreign country.
    It would be nice if the mobile internet resource centre could confirm my findings.

  6. I wish it wasn’t so expensive it would be great to just add it to the RV only and keep our service that we have at home but if they’re going to charge 135 to be a customer and move our Starlink around here we go hunting a better solution

  7. I want to believe SL is what I need. But it hasn't been performing up to expectations. I have moved 4 times. The last two I have had to use park wifi. The SL signal constantly drops. I have reset my system several times. I wrote to SL for help and they opened a ticket, but that was a week ago and I haven't heard a thing since. Is there any other way to contact them for assistance?

  8. Is anyone having issues like me. I signed up for portability the day they announced it. My first two locations were fine. It has been crap since. Starlink constantly drops the signal. Is there a fix or something I should look for to repair this issue?

  9. Gotta pay for Twitter somehow.

    Still, here in Oz this is gamechanger for remote area use. SatPhones are expensive.

  10. Portability sounds great but with the FAQ offering a conflict of information regarding moving between countries and continents. Has anyone confirmed if you can move your Service Address from a country in one continent to a country in another? Asking as we sail from North America to Austrailia for example.

  11. I don't get it Starlink, you charge $25 (extra on top of $110) then put limitations? What am I paying extra for then?

  12. Useful information. But there is one part that may not have been covered. I'm still waiting to get service for my home address, they are saying towards the end of 2022. Since they won't let me get a dish until I can get service, does that prohibit getting a dish for roaming. Could I get on the roaming and just use it at home until I can change the service address back to my home.

  13. were fooling outselfs if we dont think starlink is a good service and well priced this small fee is nothing

    companys like inmarsat are chargeing 1000s dollars a month for a few gb magnitudes higher than starlinks fees

  14. great video, thanks! what are the downsides to going without portability and simply changing the service address as needed? can i change the address every day? does it change instantly? i only use starlink when i am way out in the middle of nowhere and there is no cell service. i don't use starlink at home where i'd risk losing my spot.

  15. I am so conflicted on whether to pull the trigger now or wait for the truly mobile version. We plan on doing a lot of boondocking and my wife and I both work remotely. What would everyone suggest?

  16. Is there a special antenna/pole setup with servo motors that you have to buy as well?

  17. You appear to be on a boat sitting in a marina. I currently have an inactive KVH TRAC FONE antenna as well an inactive Dish antenna. It appears to me that a LTE booster won’t work far from shore and not at all for 5g. A while back I had an analog booster it worked well but Verizon showed up at my boat in Annapolis one day complaining about my signal. I’m now considering a monthly Iridium Go rental with uVerizon for offshore use but it would be more expensive with data limitations. Right now, what is the offshore range for Starlink? Would it work 50 miles offshore? Would it work in the Exumas? On the internet, some boats are using Starlink as they travel on their boats. Will Musk try to discourage this use because of their restricted license?

  18. Well that makes it completely useless for us. It isn't the price… it is the fact that it isn't really portable. Glad we waited to see what the "real deal" was going to be.

  19. Hi, we have two dish's one at home and one for camper. Here in Wisconsin we camp maybe 5-6 months a year, with a home address not seemingly as important, can I just stop service for 6 months and restart in spring?

  20. This is good news but Starlink not telling us exactly how long we can use portability in one place before we are required to change our registered address is a bit concerning because if it automatically switches you might not be able to get your original service address back again

  21. Not for nothing but I pay $50 a month for T-Mobile home internet for my house and bring the router camping with me all the time and it has worked perfectly everywhere thus far. And it’s unlimited.

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