How To Fix Your iPhone 5 5s Glass (Back) EASY

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  1. Stupid man it doesn't make sense to removing back glass using a screw drivers,very unexperienced and bad u tuber

  2. +klean brother my phone got the same problem .. but with the camara part .. what should I do ???

  3. Чумовой перец! никаких тебе фенов, лопаток, просто отвертка!)))

  4. What? Don't stab it with a screwdriver! Use a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the adhesive backing and carefully lift the broken glass off.

  5. You should of used a heat gun to loosen the glue so the glass would come off easy instead of scraping it with a screwdriver. To put the glass on you should of used double sided tape, superglue is not a good idea, the superglue could damage things under the glass if you apply too much. I've been fixing phones for years!

  6. Use a heat-gun or a hair dryer to losen up the glue instead of a scraping it with a screw driver!! it will come off easy.

  7. What type of glue did you use? I know that some will send these pieces with adhesive, but I seen in the video, you used your own glue. Thanks

  8. Well.. It's not a good idea to do it in this way, u may hurt your finger just by taking off the glass and it make it worse because it cause a lot of damage to the phone frame.


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