Tesla Model Y Wear & Tear after 34,000 Miles

This is a wear and tear update on my 2020 Tesla Model Y after 34,000 miles. Some weird things have happened to the car but for the most part it is in good shape. Interested to hear how your cars are in the comments.

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  1. This is what kills me about EV's…Not only are they very expensive compared to a similar ICE car…but battery declines overtime..and over a time that isn't really that long… this video is 34,000 miles…its still pretty new! Yet 91% of original range? ICE cars do not do that. Even with gas at $4.81 (FL) i find it hard to see any advantages of EV's right now. It will take a long time to recoup the money back from gas. Even if you factor in maintenance comparisons.

  2. Tesla makes good EVs but IMO the whole environmentally friendly low carbon emission concept is a joke. Unless you use 100% renewable energy to produce electricity and charge you car, you are just using another form of fossil fuel that’s potentially way less clean than petrol (which is coal that’s used to produce most of the electricity worldwide). And EV batteries are way more toxic and really difficult to recycle and mostly likely has a much shorter lifespan than an internal combustion engine which is literally just pieces of mental and has less chemicals. Let alone the production of a new EV consumes a lot more energy than an IC car.

  3. Great video – Also, I saw your glass is not tinted? are you ok without these – in that hot weather….etc. is the interior ok too – i.e: protected from the sun…

  4. That distance you quoted for degradation of the battery is wrong as that distance is based on learning of you driving style + degradation. But the number look like this : battery size / "long term miles/kWh" . In my case 293 max range shown is today – end of winter, but my long term efficiency is 4.1 miles/kWh. so my in total is 75 / 4.1 = 307.5 for long term usage, so mild winter of max range today 293 at 100% is perfectly acceptable after 2 years.

  5. Safelite can also replace Tesla windshields. I’m already on my second replacement on my Model 3. I’ve had more chips/cracks in my Tesla than I have in any other car I’ve owned combined. Anyone else have this issue?

  6. The degradation cannot be measured by what is displayed by your car as it’s a calculatiion estimated with your own consumotion. You need a special app linked on your obd. But by average it’s 10% less within the first 5 years / 200 000 km. First years the degradation is higher then lower after

  7. Own nothing and be happy …. It’s a world wide statement I’m hearing to often …

  8. Seats cracked the side same way on the 2018 BMW X5 to the point that the driver side began to have holes in the seat. BMW replaced them

  9. What do you use to clean white seats. I barely have anyone in my car and I have random stains. I called a Tesla service center and the guy says he just uses Clorox bleach wipes. Not sure that’s recommended though.

  10. So Tesla is saying ; we won't F u just trust us (blindly),
    Well if you ain't got anything to hide what's with all the secret affair, why should they hate transparency?
    If their behaviour sounds crap, smells like crap, and they quack like ducks then you're most likely f'd.

  11. White seats are amazing in the Tesla. My Y and 3 both have them – they go a LONG time before needing cleaning. I use a drop or two of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water, rub in with a kitchen sponge, and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Easy peasy.

  12. ROFL. Thanks for sharing. Just got my Y and can’t wait to see what you think of the new Korean wave of EVs. My ICE vehicle is a VW MK6 Golf R.

  13. Ooop! I supercharge mine everyday 😬 but I also lease mine so I don’t particularly care about longevity. Model 3 and Y. No issues so far. Love the video!

  14. $200 for a tire patch(third party)? Is there a different process for patching a Tesla tire? That costs $50-75 at most auto shops.

  15. We had the driver side window crack from a rock hitting it on the highway. Took a little while for the service appointment because they had to order the window. But once the appointment was scheduled it went very smoothly. Took about 2 hours at the Tesla service center near us and cost about $350 which was less than the quote we approved. Overall I would say we were pleased with the service.

  16. I laughed out loud so many times. Man has had his Tesla for a while and doesn’t know that so many of the controls are voice command. Man buys white seats and then complains about cleaning them. And the arrogance is very laughable. “I’m not the typical Tesla owner”, no pal, of course you are well above all the rest of the Tesla owners. We know that now… because you said it. LOL. You should do stand up!

  17. You probably have no degradation at all. It’s simply a calibration issue. There’s a few good forums about this and how to get it to reset and “show” you more range.

  18. Oh wow, 34000 miles, I put 50000 miles a year on my ICE car that gets 36mpg. It has not have any major issues. Let me know when you do that many miles in a year how that piece of crap holds up.

  19. 1. Use 90% charge and your battery will last longer.

    2. Insted of finding touch for heat or anything, use VOICE COMMAND

    3. As for cleaning up, it depdns on person

    4. Fix windshiled, via glue gun and it'll last

  20. I heard from your video that you live in AZ, any ideas or you heard about the performance tires for cold weathers like Michigan roads with snow and potholes? Would you recommend performance tires for these states? Thank you for your time.

  21. Not understanding predicted range is not a measure of battery degradation… is a pain in the bum-bum.


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