Kia EV6 and Tesla Model 3 Cabin Comparison

The 2022 Kia EV6 certainly has an impressive amount of cabin and cargo space, but how does it measure up against the Tesla Model 3? In this video, Peter and Charlotte show you a comparison of the front seats, rear seats, trunk, and frunk.

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  1. All EV’s are way overpriced, they need to bring down prices big time if they want everyone to buy these cars

  2. Tesla I own a 3. Regenerative braking is automatic in Tesla. Range is better. Supercharger stations network does Kia have a network? Oh and I use FSD-beta. Oh and Tesla can be opened on my phone. The backseats on Tesla fold so you can increase storage. And Tesla can come to you for repairs like flat tires. Buy a Tesla Already

  3. Tesla model 3 is a sedan/hatcback electrcic car and kia ev6 is a electric crossover suv its not reall a bit comparable it should be the same to be compareable like sedan x sedan

  4. Nice and honest comparison! Thank you for sharing, Charlotte and Peter! Great content! ⚡🔌🚘

  5. I would love to buy an EV6, I’m in Ottawa and no one here sells them. You said a bit ago that you can’t sell any more EV6. When would we be able to order again?

  6. Are the charging stations along the 401 from Toronto to Windsor fast chargers?

  7. Hey Peter, I have a question. Why can't we have 2022 Sorrento trims, like the SX-Prestige, Sx-Prestige, X-Line?

  8. Not a lot of EVs are on the level of Tesla but kia EV6/Ioniq 5 is stepping it up. Though for my daily I still hang on to my model 3 performance and would prefer a model 3. I like the low and sporty nature of it and while it is a minus to only have one center screen, the infotainment system goes to Tesla hands down. Over the air updates, Netflix, YouTube, and arcade as well as a better laid out system. It's the first car that I didn't miss the android auto compatibility or use my phone maps instead of the vehicle's maps.

  9. i like the ev6, the model y is the one to compare it to,,, the ev6 head rest seems to push your head forward and would cause neck pain / problems i would think

  10. always nice to see peter with how he sees it and with the new assistant charlotte 2 minds 2 reviews women see things different to men nice quick review guys

  11. I prefer the the Kia ev 6. One of my reasons. I want to see the speed I am doing by looking ahead and not off to the side

  12. I don't get it… Tesla set the bar when it comes to the frunk and underneat space… All the new EV cars are wondering how to mess it up instead in matching them or improving…

  13. I drove Kia for some time and I do love it. For this comparison, the new refreshed model should have been used. I think EV6 is a great car. I recently moved to electric and just for comparison in Denmark waiting for Kia EV6 is 14 months ! As opposed to that I got my Tesla M3 LR in 3 months

  14. Does Kia offer a charging network for their EV's? It doesn't matter who makes what kind of EV, if buyers aren't confident in the company's ability to provide charging for their product, the vast majority of EV buyers will spend the extra money for the Tesla. That's why they sell more EVs than anyone else.

  15. Tesla Model 3 AWD 75k
    Tesla Model Y AWD 87k
    Kia EV6 AWD GT line pkg 2 62k. Minus 5k govt rebate. 57k.

    Um it’s not a competition. In fact you could get an Audi Q4 for 65-70k. A BMW i4 50 for 73k.

  16. it's basically blackberry vs. iphone. some people just love old school. If you want the future. you want a tesla model 3 or even better Y.

  17. Love That Peter is doing these videos thanks for staying with us brother. Just something about his style and poise well done great video.

  18. I agree that technically the Model Y is a better comparison – but…. it IS so much more expensive in Canada. about $83,000 base price / vs top trim EV6 at about $61k?

  19. Thanks for all the EV6 reviews. My AWD GT Line Pkg 2 in Snow White Pearl is expected to be built and delivered in late summer.

  20. ça confirme ce que je pensais…. il y a plus de place à l'arrière pour la Kia mais le coffre est juste mal conçu et donc offre peu de capacité utile. J'aimerais bien voir combien de valises on peut stocker dans ce véhicule et je doute qu'on puisse y mettre plus de deux ou trois si elles sont petites.

  21. You dare compare the EV6 to an inferior Tesla 😊, the cheapest Model starts at $82,990 and i think you need to pay an extra 10K for the auto-pilot, that comes for free in the GT-Line, Tesla's are way to expensive for what you get.


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