Blue Origin suddenly made new progress to shock SpaceX & Elon Musk…

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Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are silently making new progress to shock the whole rocket industry, especially Elon Musk and SpaceX!
But, what are those strides specifically?
Is there any chance that Blue Origin will catch up with SpaceX?
And how did Elon Musk humiliate Blue Origin and ULA?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Blue Origin has a secret project named “Jarvis” to compete with SpaceX!
Apparently named after the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this project is the company’s effort to develop a fully reusable upper stage for Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket.
That sounds weird but the reusable second-stage program appears to have drawn inspiration from SpaceX.
In making both the first and second stages of New Glenn fully reusable, Bezos is emulating Musk’s ambitious plan to land and reuse both the Super Heavy booster and Starship upper stage.
When Musk formally announced the Starship project in 2016, many in the industry were skeptical of his plan to build a massive, reusable launch system. They remained dubious in early 2019, after Musk announced a switch from carbon fiber to low-cost stainless steel for the rocket’s primary structure. Although stainless steel is cheaper and better able to withstand atmospheric heating during reentry, it is about five times heavier than composites.
Blue Origin suddenly made new progress to shock SpaceX & Elon Musk…
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  1. So THEY Are Going To Mars? Spend Trillion(s) of dollars are so THEY can go to a place about 40 Million Miles Away. THEY are doing this so THEY can generate H2O, O (air) so THEY can make a farm. The way WE see it, THEIR goal is to open a Hotel on Mars for THEMSELVES. In other words THEY WANT TO BUILD what we ALREADY HAVE ON EARTH with all our unpleasantness, in a place that only wants to kill THEM, Mars.

    Why not MAKE a fund for skilled people to start new companies here on earth? AI is on the forefront of eliminating more jobs than anything ever before. Atonimiss Cars, Trucks, Semi, Trains. Busses & Farming. EVEN Lawn Maintenance are all moving to AI to eliminate unskilled worker jobs, forever.

    Estimates are up to 40% of the entire worker force will no longer be needed because of AI. Yet the USA continues allowing unskilled workers in. Most will be unemployed, while living on others dime, but don't worry they know how to milk our system. Every other country guards their borders with force. One Armed predator drone is all we need for the north & south borders. The word will get out fast, all those border workers will finally get vacations again.

    We are experiencing the lowest unemployment perhaps ever joined by the highest inflationary period (made worse by EVERY NEWS BROADCAST in the world) Do you think business owners are raising their prices only because manufactures are?! Nope, the NEWS gives a reason for MORE & MORE inflation each broadcast. Many Manufacturing facilities have made more product than they can sell. Products that renew each season. Clothing & Electronics for example.

    Did you really read this far? Thanks!

  2. I was going to say Blue Origin was founded after SpaceX but nope. Elon's company was founded a couple years after. Interesting.

  3. I just wish Space x and Blue origin would work together…. Imagine what can be accomplished if they did

  4. Please don't use those clickbait titles. BO isn't shocking anyone being so far behind and still not having a working engine. They may try to copy SpaceX philosophy but there is a looong way from idea to a functioning vehicle.

  5. Just because you can make a single test engine and have it function on a test stand does not mean said company can actually product the engine or the engine will actually work. Until the first vulcan rocket lifts off and does not blow up, Blue Orgin is untrustworth.

  6. Space X wants to save humanity by making it multiplanitary species.
    What exactly the goal of Blue Origin? Copy space X? lol

  7. BO is trying to repeat history (from about 60 years ago), SpaceX is actually making history and is making ships for this millennium. Yeah ships, not just rockets, actual ships, and certainly not rockets that just popup and come straight back down.

  8. Elon is setting the bar. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition that doesn’t involve killing people to advance technology.

  9. I’m thrilled for both companies are ready to commercial space or at least getting there. Next stop exploration. I would like nothing better than to see moving vans in space moving people to other planets.

  10. I hate this format when he just throws a bunch of short clips to fill the vacuum while reading instead of high value slides to support his talk. just really distracting instead of helping

  11. And Jeff bezos might have accomplished all of this a heck of a lot quicker, if he were not building a $500 million yacht and destroying historic Bridges in northern Europe just to get it out of the shipyards. All just so he can bask in his own Glory which he gained with the help of corrupt government officials.

  12. When Jeff bezos has the benefit of the corrupt president of the United States having the FAA hold their boot on the throat of SpaceX not allowing any progress to happen the entire time that NASA is trying to get it shit together and Jeff bezos is trying to get a bigger engine to work that doesn't crap out. You can do anything as long as someone keeps the competition locked away somewhere. You can copy anything, you can try try try again, you can get more money from the government just like Boeing and McDonald Douglas has done for a century now waste fraud and just pure greed screwing the taxpayers left and right.

  13. Bezos should just buy a Spacex rocket, paint Blue Origin on it. And tell everyone how smart he is

  14. Too bad Elon is petty, I think more cooperation would be hugely beneficial.

    Especially with Bezos' future plans.

    Branson, Paul Allen, and ULA seem pretty behind the curve, but I feel like the space race is very narrow in it's aims… We still have extremely viable worlds to conquer, Ganymede(Yes it's a moon, but with it's own oceans, and magnetosphere…and incredible views.), Venus, Didymos(An incredibly important space object which itself could be a shuttle to get huge volumes of people to Mars VERY QUICKLY.

    The orbit of Didymos is inline with Earth and Mars, all you need to do is load that rock up with a ton of people, and-or materials, and then unload it and it's like the perfect object for this that already exists.

  15. I think the reason why did democratic party hate Elon Musk so much is when he put people on the moon he going to tell the world that America didn't land on the moon

  16. Bezos is china's outlet into America's economy, he cares shit about america, he care about giving his gf billions and yachts

  17. Let's see Bezo get something into orbit. Then worry about trying to land his boosters. He is 10 years behind Elon or more.

  18. Why would anything “shock” space x? They are competing with themselves. There is so much real estate and business to the stars if anything it will breed competition so things keep innovating, getting bigger, cheaper and more opportunity.

  19. Hmm I don’t build rockets nor do I plan to , but if I was going to I wouldn’t blow my trumpet before I new I could do it and this guy talks a lot and show us nothing , glen need to fly first

  20. Kinda funny how blue origin has this secret program for reusable 1st and 2nd stages when they haven't even been able to get a ship to outer orbit that can deliver people to the space station I think they need to concentrate on that first because until they prove that they can take human cargo to outer orbit and the space station no company is going to trust their cargo to them.

  21. What's 'shocking' is that Blue Origin isn't out of business by now. Years late and over budget, typical swamp.

  22. The reason blue origin is able to catch up is because they are basically going to copy what space x has built and ever since blue origin lost in Congress for the moon landing contract the faa has basically haulted space x so they can't test launch anything so space x is in a holding pattern which is letting ula and blue origin to catch up I think it's kinda funny how space x was able to test launch with little difficulty until they actually landed number 15 then when blue origin lost the contract the faa started making new rules for space x so they can't test launch anything all of a sudden. So until I hear that blue origin has to go through this same if process to do test launches I will believe that the faa is holding up space x so blue origin can try to catch up.So I think the faa and bezos are in cohuts.

  23. wasting time talking about jeff besos, start making videos about B.O. when they figure out how to make an engine ok?

  24. so lett me focus on you again.. i still growing intrest in your wdit.. im glad so now know youre voice is why not contat tim dot and elly ..if youre willinh.. because i think youre find the possiblity.. i wonder.. i know you grew.. well done good insight.. love from the netherlamds.. eric

  25. Jeff Bazos should thank FAA for thier bullshit in delaying SpaceX progress so he could have time to bring his company to date

  26. 😂😂😂 Blue Origin is 10 years behind Spacex. In 10 years they will be 20 years behind

  27. makes No Difference , Everything will have to be done by Drones until we can live there there wasting Time
    I haven't even sent Drilling equipment

  28. This is ridiculous – Bezos & ZUCKERBUCK Both Already off 🌎 Planet – Elon wins since these two guys were Gotten on Crimes against Humanity !!!

  29. Horror of horrors 😳😳 All along I've been thinking the 1st stage lands on a stationary drone ship. I've just observed the thing keeps moving as well. How do they calculate all that to coincide?

  30. Bezos is a copycat benefiting from SpaceX work.
    Will Jarvis use Vladimir Putin engine's 😏


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