12 Crucial Steps After Ordering/Delivery Of Your Tesla

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12 Essential Things to do right after you take delivery of a Tesla.

Delivery Checkist:

► Best Tesla Accessories:
► Screen Protector:
► Model Y Floor Mats:
► Model 3 Floor Mats:

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► Best Model Y Floor Mats:
► & More (2nd Channel):
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► Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► Jeda Dock & Charging Pad:
► Teslacam by Pure Tesla:

► GoPro Max 360 Camera:
► The Camera I Use:
► Camera Cage I Use:
► My B-Camera:
► My Favorite Lens:
► 28mm Lens:

► How I Film Drone Shots:
► The Gimbal I Use:
► How I Record Audio:
► Shotgun Mic I Use:
► Lapel Mic I Use:
► Tripod I Use:
► Favorite Video Light:

Top Tesla Accessories for 2022:

1. Screen Protector
► Elon Accessories:
► Cheaper Option:

2. All-Weather Floor Mats
► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):
► Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):

3. Head Rest Neck Massager

4. Model 3 HEPA Filters

5. Scent Wedge Tesla Air Freshener
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6. License Plate Mount
► Quick Bandit:

7. Water Bottle Holder

8. Cup Holder Insert

9. Center Console Organizer

10. Model Y Under Seat Storage Containers

11. Model Y Rear Storage Container

12. Glovebox Organizer

13. Side Cubby Storage Bins

14. Model Y Front Trunk Organizer

15. Model 3 Grocery Bag Hook

16. Side Door Pocket Organizers

17. Dashboard Cap Cover

18. Arm Rest Cushion

19. Performance Pedals

20. Cleaning Supplies
► Cleaning Kit:

Individual Products:
► Two Bucket Wash Setup:
► Car Shampoo:
► Pressure Washer:
► Foam Cannon:

► Speed Wipe:
► Inner Clean:
► Streak-Free Glass Cleaner:
► Waterless Wash:
► Microfiber Cloths:

21. Tesla Trash Cans
► Cyber Trash Mini Trash Can:
► Tesla Rear Trash:

22. J1772 Lock

23. SSD Drive
► Pure Tesla:
► Alternate:

24. Sunglasses Holder

25. Center Console Covers

26. Cargo Cover

27. Mud Flaps

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  1. So glad we are buying a model Y! Our payment is less than one of our Audis we have! I work remotely so us having only one car now will be so financially freeing! God bless the 4.05% too!!

  2. What’s your recommendations if someone doesn’t own a home, would I be still able to own one ? 🤗


  4. question. i live in a condo so having wifi signal is out of the question. Do i need wifi to do certain things? ie update software? i guess i can do it at my parents place when i visit them….. any info is appreciated. (i will get the cellular plan for sure tho)

  5. "Before you take delivery of your car. And I have a full video about that linked below." Where is this mythical link?!

  6. Wow the roads in LA must be wild with everyone going that far over the speed limits!

  7. Do you know if Tesla will pay off someone trade in ? Is there a way I will know how much they will give me for my car without have to pay the deposit because it’s non refundable.

  8. Hello, I have been greatly enjoying your channel for a long while. Thank you! I have finally ordered mine. They are asking where I want delivery. If I do it at home, and there is a problem, will they still honor the warranty? Do you have a suggestion about where to take delivery?

  9. regarding the hov sticker, if youre applying towards the last few months of the year, it might be worth it to apply on Jan 1 of the next year so you dont get a sticker that covers the current year. so if you apply on Oct 1, 2022, you will get a sticker that starts in 2022. You wont get that sticker until 2-3 months after application. So if you get it in dec, you practically lost most of the year of HOV usage.

  10. Random question but are you able to write off some of the cost seeing as you use them for these marketing videos?

  11. Big thanks for the check list……..mine will be here in few months but I'm familiarizing myself with key checks…etc. I see you added check mobil charger? Are they still adding those? I ordered my M3 in Mid April…..will I still get one! great info & thanks for all the effort in putting your channel together…..

  12. Tesla insurance is insane. They quoted $150 a month for full coverage and State Farm quoted $55 a month for full coverage. 30-60% savings, my ass.

  13. Hi Ryan. After over a year of watching your videos, I finally placed my order for a MYP. I can't recall which video it was mentioned in, but I think you mentioned recommended a company (around Pasadena?) for PPF. Rather than digging through dozens of videos, can you please provide their name again, or if you have an even better recommendation, please lmk (I'm in LA county). I'm already trying to plan out what I need to get done as soon as I take delivery in a few months. Thanks

  14. LOVE YOUR STUFF RYAN! So, now that Tesla has discontinued the included charger I need to buy one. I need to get a good one that I can transfer between my two houses and connect to the 220 dryer plug on each. I’ve seen som options with switches and WiFi interface (do we need that if the Tesla is already online?) and different prices. Could you possibly recommend or do a product review of what’s out there? THANKS!

  15. I will forever be indebted to you ?? you’ve changed my whole life I will continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial
    debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Charlotte Milton…

  16. What I find hilarious about electric cars, Tesla in particular, is they have a giant screen with multiple windows you need to go through to access anything.
    This is not considered distracted driving, but being on your phone for 5 seconds, if a peace officer sees that, is distracted driving.
    We are putting giant screens in cars and we are calling a smaller screen a larger distraction.

  17. Hello Ryan and others, I just purchased a Model Y Performance and the estimated delivery date is June/July. However, I want to be sure to get the new 4680 battery in the Performance. Have they announced this as an option? Do you have any advice on what I can do to make this happen? Any holdout tips or whatnot?

  18. No one responded to Steve F's question from 9 days ago: "If you and your wife both get in the car does it automatically set to the main profile or whoever is in the driving seat? So if I drive to a location but my wife drives home, does it alter automatically depending who is in the driver position or does it need changing manually?"

  19. Thanks for the checklist. I will bring that with me when I take delivery sometime in June or July. It has already been pushed back 5 days.

  20. for someone living in a rented apartment, is home charging possible/practical?
    thinking in buying electric car

  21. I'm setting up a 60 amp breaker in my garage for the Tesla charger, so that would mean 48amp charging correct?


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