Elon Musk Just OFFICIALLY Challenged Putin And China To Take Out Starlink!

Elon Musk Just OFFICIALLY Challenged Putin And China To Take Out Starlink!

This is called confidence! Both Russia and China threatened Tech Giant, Elon Musk, that they would destroy his satellites. China is afraid of satellite collisions in the sky, and Russia is fearful of Elon Musk’s immense help in Ukraine. But Musk handled these calmly and officially challenged that no one can take out Starlink satellites. Let’s see what exactly happened, in detail.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, was unconcerned about the possibility that Russia would destroy the Starlink satellite system that he had sent to Ukraine to help combat Russian invaders. Even in the face of recent cyber-attacks.

According to The Sun, in a Business Insider interview, Axel Springer’s Mathias Döpfner questioned Musk if Starlink would be compromised if the Chinese and Russians began targeting satellites. The businessman recently donated a truckload of dishes to the war-torn country, which has been cut off from the rest of the world by Russian troops. Musk promised to assist after receiving an urgent call from Ukraine’s deputy prime minister. According to Ukraine’s Minister of Digital, Mykhailo Fedorov, SpaceX Starlink has played a key role in keeping emergency services connected and saving lives.

However, due to power shortages in some areas, he warned that the country now needs generators to keep the lights on. Musk responded by claiming that the software has been updated to utilize less peak power, allowing Starlink to be powered by a cigarette lighter in a car. He’s also enabled mobile roaming, which allows automobiles to stay connected while on the move.

No one can ever be able to bring down the SpaceX Starlink Internet. Musk acknowledged that, in November, Russia staged an anti-satellite rally in an attempt to send a message ahead of the invasion of Ukraine. He claims that there are now too many Starlink satellites in the sky and that SpaceX’s launch rate is too fast for Russia’s military. He did warn, though, that removing Starlink, a network of 2,000 low-earth-orbit satellites, would be difficult.

“Taking off Starlink is not straightforward because there are 2,000 satellites,” Musk remarked in a report by Business Insider. “That entails a significant number of anti-satellite missiles.” They won’t have to put this to the test, according to SpaceX’s CEO. Nonetheless, he believes that satellites can be launched faster than anti-satellite weapons.

He went on to say that a huge number of anti-satellite missiles are involved. “I’m hoping this won’t have to be put to the test.” But, he said, “I believe we can install satellites quicker than anti-satellite weapons.” Amid Russia’s increasing invasion of Ukraine, Elon Musk, the creator and CEO of SpaceX, said that his business is currently working on cyber defense and signal to jam for its Starlink internet satellites.

Musk and SpaceX sent Starlink terminals to Ukraine at the request of a government official after the Russian invasion damaged internet access across the nation.

A shipment of Starlink ground terminals, which employ an antenna and terminal to access the satellite internet service, arrived in Ukraine on February 28. Musk noted that SpaceX intends to keep the terminals online while they are in operation. For several hours at a time, several Starlink terminals in war zones were crowded.

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  1. I'm Tired of fighting.. -_- Can't we just be unified nation/world/planet.. I hate winning or losing or always being one side to it.. I just want peace..

  2. plot twist: elons real goal is to get enough weaponized satellites in orbit to restart apartheid in South Africa and take over as South African president then use all the cheap black labour to make tesla's. remember that an American passport does not change where a man was born

  3. Without spring and stealing our countries ideas China knows nothing. They steal others info.

  4. Give Russia some chop sticks and blow the Chinese and Russia out of the sky. God has sent us Musk to save us from the demons of the world, Russia China North Korea Iran Iraq, etc.

  5. Yeah I did some DD and saw that there was no stock for SpaceX but found connections to Momentus. Anyone know when SpaceX is going IPO?

  6. Shall “WE” Free Minds? By Telling Truth With are Mouths! What You Think Elon? People Brainstorm Elon! BuM Rush Him!

  7. I'm retired so a few years left, I hope to live long enough to see where Elon Musk goes, the Dude is something like we have not seen. Like Einstein on steroids. I wouldn't smack talk him. 👾

  8. By 3 minutes and 55 seconds I heard enough duplicate story that I had to stop. You provide great info but my time is valuable to me and I do not waste it by listening twice to the same info.



    London is the Money Laundering Capital of the World. High priced U.K. Accountants and Lawyers (these people know that blood is on their hands too) make sure Putin's Loot is protected for him in Britain. Tory establishment are in deep with Oligarchs. We must always be aware that the Oligarchs are pawns of Putin.

    Foreign affairs minister of Canada Melanie Joly is initiating action in relation to getting a measure of justice and genuine help for Ukrainian Refugees.

    Melanie Joly said Tuesday that Canada will change its sanctions law to allow seized and sanctioned foreign assets to be redistributed as compensation to victims of war, Reuters reports. Canada is among a number of countries to have imposed sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24 in what it calls a “special operation.”

    “Today, we are seeking the capacity to not only seize but to allow for the forfeiture of the assets of sanctioned individuals and entities and to allow us to compensate victims with the proceeds,” Joly said in a statement on Tuesday. “These changes would make Canada’s sanctions regime the first in the G7 to allow these actions. "WHY CAN THIS NOT BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE U.K." The tragedy is that, the whole World knows the answer

    The changes will mean that funds seized from Russia could be paid out to help rebuild Ukraine or to those impacted by Russia’s invasion. Ukrainian Refugees can rebuild their own Country with Putin's Laundered London Loot. Londongrad is an abomination and an open sore to everything that is decent, an affront to the longing in the human spirit for justice.

  11. Message to the west and the east – You better weigh your words carefully in Sparta.
    The door of mercy can be slammed in your face when you take advantage.
    The Olive branch can be used to knock you out when you take advantage.
    I suggest no demoniac pose as the holy.

  12. Such threats from Russia and China have to be punished along with westerners helping them that have no respect for western intellectual property.
    Russia and China are rogue nuclear armed clones and they have to be eliminated.
    They can no longer expect the west to play by the rules. I did not foresee and Elon yet I understand an Elon crystal clear. He's will eliminate all attackers.
    The west is no longer tolerant of weeds in the garden. President Puto ignored my advice to stay home white lily. Stay home Taofang.

  13. Elon. What are we doing about Russia's nuke threat against England? France and Berlin.. saw four so there must be for Ukraine too no doubt.. please respond

  14. The iron man is in the Middle Ages
    Compared to Elon in 2022….they
    Need more spies to copy star link
    Same goes for China….
    No more freebies from USA..
    We have Space Force..

  15. I am sure all these world leaders can't stand a smart,rich guy telling them all to piss off

  16. Hay Elon It's Your New time Nefwew Kallan Don't Stress Brother I Love You I'm On Your Side PS When I Said It's Your New Time Nefwew I Meant Because You Like An Uncle To Me And Where In The Same Dimension My Fourth Cousin Loves You Don't Worry

  17. If anyone attack NATO infraestructure this is WW3 and we nuke them we dont fear Dictators we go heaven they go hell

  18. Wow that just took things to another level for me I got so much respect for Elon Musk

  19. Elon we need to stop focusing on fighting each other we should be working on being at peace with each other

  20. Step1: Liberals 'Succeeded' in Doing Dirty Deeds 2 The Planet…

    Step2: Born-again R Raptured, SOON…

    Step3: Just B4 "No Flesh" is LEFT on The Planet…
    As Liberals Destroy THEMselves…
    Messiah/Believers RETURN 2 a Renewed Planet….Amen
    'THEM!' is an old B/W Hollywood movie:
    Where ants become GIANTS B4 Annihilation !!!!

  21. I want to see space as being fair game to whoever can make it up there and that the treaties should hold the space occupiers accountable should anything they have placed in orbit about Earth fall down and hurt or damage or destroy lives and property on Earth including flora and fauna. And that zones of occupation are recognized and respected by all as to whom those zones are designated so that in the event of encroachment, accidental or otherwise, should be severely fined, sanctioned, or forfeit their rights to occupy a zone in space above Earth. This can be done in peaceful accord without the warmongering and bully posturing.

  22. I like to believe China & Russia that they behave responsibly – i hope that India and other countries will believe them too..what..?? Hope they practice what they preach…Guys keep the world safe & peaceful…

  23. I have one question. Elon, with that many satilights can you guarantee that later on NASA , won't or that another company spaceship or even SpaceX astronauts won't be harmed by so many satellites if they when they go into space ??? Can you please give us in your words that astronauts won't be . Won't ever be harmed well killed by traveling threw the orbit of Star 🌟 Link.

    Whoever is in china needs to take a good look at them self and realize that there doing the same exact thing as Musk and shut up or be great full of him for everything he is doing today.

  24. All countries understand!! whoever has an advantage in space will have a 100x advantage on earth!!

  25. God bless our brave soldier 🙏 and the vilence in Ukraine in the west come to a agreement and ends because of the children's and inosent people AMEN

  26. Ellis Mucas is the one. He is the one with the POWER. He has secret powers from being BASHED at school. Elvon will save the world.

  27. Sheesh, isn't an attack on Starlink satellites mean an attack on America in which U.S. government might intervene?

  28. Wasn't there an accord on weaponizing space but the Russians broke it right and so did China

  29. There are in my opinion to many of the satellites in orbit that's for sure and can't look up without seeing a satellite system's going bye it's like a junkyard in space is it having any effect on the Sun and solar flares being more frequent

  30. I think something is happening to this site something's wrong with this site not abile to access everything musk what's going on?



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